Too Many People Use Muriatic Acid to “Clean” Their Pools

Harsh Acids Destroy Pools

This extremely harsh chemical, simply burns everything that it comes in contact with, including the pool surface, pipes, heat exchanger and filters!  Whatever soils remain (shadow lines) are burned deeper into the pool wall and may never come out.

Using Low pH Products to “Clean” Pool Scum Line Defies Logic

Nature’s Balance and the Science of Cleaning

Cleaning Acidic Soils Requires the Use of Alkaline Cleaners (and Vice Versa)

Pool scum lines are an accumulation of dirt, body oils and organic material (dead leaves, etc.).  These soils are already acidic in nature and need to be cleaned with an industrial strength, alkaline chemical that contains some surfactants and/or emulsifiers.

We Have Industrial Products That Effectively Clean Organic Soils From Pool Scum Lines

Our industrial products are MUCH more effective than any national brand and anything available from Big Box Stores or the Big Catalog Companies.

Contact us to discuss your situation.  We can help!

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