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Deep Clean Vinyl Floor and Clear Coat Job in St Paul, MN

Transformative Vinyl Floor Restoration at St. Paul’s Occupational Rehab Facility

Rediscovering the Radiance: Deep Clean and Clear Coat Job

In the heart of St. Paul, our recent hard floor care venture took us to an occupational rehab facility that required more than routine maintenance. The challenge presented itself in the form of deeply embedded rust stains on the Vinyl Composite Tile (VCT) floor, calling for a meticulous approach to revive its former glory.

Unveiling the Challenge: Embedded Rust and Soils

The VCT floor, laden with rust stains, had soil penetration so profound that it reached the very bottom of the floor tiles. The images captured during the initial assessment vividly showcase the severity of the condition.

The Restoration Process: A Visual Journey

Our expert team embarked on a comprehensive cleaning and restoration process, employing advanced techniques to eliminate embedded rust stains. The transformation journey is visually documented through images capturing the progression.

Before You Consider Replacement: Contact Scrub n Shine

At Scrub n Shine, we advocate for the restoration of your VCT commercial flooring before contemplating a costly replacement. The images below showcase the remarkable difference achieved through our reconditioning and recoating efforts.

Valuable VCT Flooring Resources

To enhance your understanding of VCT flooring care, we’ve compiled resources addressing common queries, including what constitutes a stain versus dirt, the importance of embedded soil removal, and the destructive impact of grit on carpets and floors.


Feel free to Contact Us for professional insights and assistance in restoring the vibrancy of your commercial flooring. Scrub n Shine is here to bring life back to your floors, ensuring they stand the test of time.

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