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Complete Breakdown of Sanitary Maintenance Distributor Sales in US and Canada

Unveiling the Dynamics of Sanitary Maintenance Distributor Sales

In our exploration of the dynamic world of sanitary maintenance distributor sales in the US and Canada, we delve into key insights derived from Sanitary Maintenance Magazine (Nov/Dec 2015 Issue). At the forefront of this industry stands Scrub n Shine—a premier Jan-San distributor in the Twin Cities.

Comprehensive Overview

  • Total Annual Sales Volume: The sanitary maintenance industry boasts an impressive annual sales volume of $24.6 billion. Breaking down this substantial figure, the top five product categories include:
  • Paper/Plastics: 53.8% ($13.2 billion)
  • Chemicals: 28.7% ($7.1 billion)
  • Supplies/Cleaning Accessories: 9.6% ($2.4 billion)
  • Power Equipment: 7.5% ($1.9 billion)
  • Other Janitorial Products: 0.4% ($97 million)
  • Types of Distributors: Janitorial supply distributors dominate the landscape with a significant share of 74%. Industrial supply distributors, other supply distributors, foodservice distributors, and paper merchants follow suit.
  • Geographical Presence: The majority of distributors operate on a local, statewide, or regional scale, with 36% being local, 35% regional, 15% nationwide, 13% statewide, and 1% international.
  • Order Placement Methods: While the digital era is prevalent, a substantial 43% of sales orders are placed by phone, 27% in person, and 19% online. Recurring or standing orders account for 6%, while 5% are placed via other means.

Market Segments in Focus

The distribution of Jan-San distributor sales is evenly spread among various market segments, with educational institutions, healthcare, contract cleaners, industrial facilities, commercial spaces, retail, restaurants, clubs, hotels, motels, recreational facilities, religious institutions, mass transportation, and residential spaces all playing vital roles.

Business Landscape

  • Business Size: Over half of Jan-San distributors are small businesses, with 51% having annual sales under $5 million.
  • Jan-San Commercial Chemical Sales: Approximately $7.1 billion per year, with major product types being resilient and hard floor chemicals, cleaners and degreasers, disinfectants and sanitizers, hand cleaners, and more.
  • Jan-San Commercial Paper/Plastics Sales: Exceeding $13.22 billion per year, with major product types being towels, toilet tissue, facial tissue, liners and bags, packaging products, and more.
  • Jan-San Commercial Power Equipment Sales: Surpassing $97 million per year, with significant product types including automatic scrubbers, replacement parts, upright and wide area vacuums, and various other power equipment.

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