Commercial Restroom Fixtures and Restroom Supplies Available at Scrub-n-Shine

Elevate Your Restroom Experience with Scrub-n-Shine

When it comes to commercial restroom fixtures and supplies, Scrub-n-Shine stands out as a premier provider, offering an extensive range of products to enhance hygiene, sustainability, and overall restroom experience.

Touch-Free Innovation

Our commitment to touch-free restroom experiences is evident in our comprehensive range of fixtures. From touch-free flush valves and faucets to motion-activated paper towel dispensers, we bring cutting-edge technology to your facility. Embracing infrared motion technology, our fixtures not only reduce cross-contamination but also contribute to water conservation.

LEED Compliant Paper Products

Our dedication to sustainability is showcased in our LEED compliant paper products. The touch-free manual pull dispenser for disposable paper hand towels is a customer favorite. It ensures controlled dispensing without batteries or unwanted auto-dispensing. Partnering with a supplier that employs sustainable virgin fiber practices, we offer paper products that are cleaner, softer, and more environmentally friendly.

Cleaner, Softer, Stronger Bath Tissue

Our commercial bath tissue dispensers are not only hygienic but also innovative. The 2-roll vertical unit ensures 100% usage of each roll, promoting efficient consumption. With cleaner, softer, and stronger bath tissue options, we prioritize cleanliness and user satisfaction.

Foaming Hand Soap for Enhanced Hygiene

Opt for our foaming hand soap systems for three times more hand washings compared to liquid soap. Our innovative dispensers, with a top-down dispensing mechanism and a replaceable valve in each refill, ensure optimal hygiene without compromising on performance.

Odor Control and Anti-Microbial Mats

Our restroom odor control system operates 24/7 without propellants, creating a fresh environment with perfume-quality ingredients. Additionally, our anti-microbial floor mats, treated to last 30-60 days, contribute to a cleaner and safer restroom space.

Comprehensive Restroom Solutions

Explore our extensive range of restroom solutions, including urinal screens and blocks with enzymatic properties for plumbing maintenance, restroom partitions in various colors and materials for a modern update, and high-velocity hand dryers offering efficiency and convenience.

Elevate Your Restroom with Scrub-n-Shine

For businesses seeking quality, innovation, and sustainability in commercial restroom fixtures and supplies, Scrub-n-Shine is the ideal partner. Contact us to discuss your restroom needs and discover how we can elevate your restroom experience with our advanced and reliable solutions.