Commercial Kitchen Degreasing and Deep Scrub Cleaning in Minneapolis, MN

Revitalize Your Kitchen: Commercial Kitchen Degreasing and Deep Scrub Cleaning in Minneapolis, MN

In the bustling culinary world of Minneapolis, maintaining a pristine kitchen is not just about aesthetics but also a crucial aspect of meeting health standards. Recently, the Health Department cited a local restaurant for unsanitary conditions stemming from a concerning build-up of grease in their kitchen.

The Grease Battle Unveiled

Facing this challenge head-on, our team embarked on a thorough cleaning mission. The kitchen’s ceiling, laden with grease, posed a significant issue. Employing heavy-duty industrial degreasers and a series of meticulous “spray and wipe” techniques, we began the arduous process of restoring cleanliness.

Undeterred by the stubbornness of the grease, our dedicated team persisted, making gradual progress.

After persistent efforts, we emerged victorious in the battle against the grease build-up. The once-soiled ceiling now stood as a testament to our commitment to cleanliness and hygiene.

Our Service Commitment

While we take pride in conquering grease-related challenges, it’s essential to clarify that we do not clean hood ducts. However, our services extend to cleaning the fronts and sides of commercial restaurant appliances, ceilings, floors, and prep tables.

Let Us Transform Your Kitchen

If your restaurant kitchen is grappling with a similar situation or if you seek proactive maintenance to meet and exceed health standards, our expert team is here to help. Contact us to discuss your specific requirements, and let us ensure your kitchen shines with cleanliness and compliance.

Elevate Your Kitchen’s Hygiene Standards with Our Expert Cleaning Services!