Commercial Cleaning Equipment Leasing for Government Entities

Revolutionize Government Cleaning Operations with Scrub n Shine’s Commercial Equipment Leasing

Are you a government entity seeking efficient and budget-friendly solutions for your cleaning needs? Scrub n Shine is proud to offer a specialized Commercial Cleaning Equipment Leasing program tailored for government organizations.

Non-Appropriations Clause for Flexibility

At Scrub n Shine, we understand the unique challenges faced by municipalities. Our Commercial Cleaning Equipment Lease comes with a crucial “Non-Appropriations” clause, allowing entities to terminate the lease without penalties if funding for any subsequent year cannot be appropriated. This flexibility ensures that municipalities can adapt to evolving financial situations.

Streamlined Capital Approval Process

Avoid the complexities of the capital approval process. Our commercial cleaning equipment lease payments are designed to be drawn from operating budgets, preserving established allocations. This approach ensures that cash remains available for essential operational and emergency needs, providing a seamless and efficient budget management solution.

Budget-Friendly Payment Plans

Leasing commercial cleaning equipment with Scrub n Shine enables governments to spread payments over multiple budget periods. As new, labor-saving equipment is utilized, it effectively pays for itself while preserving cash for other critical needs. Stay within budget constraints without compromising on the quality and efficiency of your cleaning equipment.

Lease to Own with Financial Freedom

Our leasing program allows government entities to own commercial cleaning equipment for as little as $1.00 at the end of the lease term. What’s more, there is no penalty for early payoff, providing financial freedom and ownership flexibility.

Eligibility for Government Entities

States, cities, villages, public universities and colleges, counties, towns, townships, public school districts, volunteer fire departments, and more are eligible for Scrub n Shine’s Commercial Cleaning Equipment Leasing. Contact us to discuss your specific situation and explore how our program can benefit your organization.

Please note that leases are not financed or underwritten by Scrub n Shine, LLC. We maintain a direct working relationship with a trusted leasing company that underwrites and issues the leases on our behalf.

Elevate your government cleaning operations with Scrub n Shine’s Commercial Cleaning Equipment Leasing. Contact us today to initiate a cleaner, more efficient future for your organization.