There are new products constantly emerging in the cleaning industry with crazy claims, gimmicks and flashy marketing. We’re always shocked to find some of these products in supply closets.

Always Contact a Reputable Distributor Before You Buy an Unfamiliar Product

Before you buy from a TV show, flea market or respond to something in the mail, talk to a reputable distributor. They can assess your needs and help shed some light on these products that sound too good to be true.

Case in Point

We have one large customer that watches product invoices like a hawk. Every time there’s a price increase on an item, we receive a phone call. We also watch our competitors closely and have always been steadily competitive on everything we sell.

We recently met with our customer on-site and did full walk-through to re-evaluate their inventory. It was shocking to find a huge box full of “streak free cleaning cloths” that they had purchased for $3 apiece. There had to be over $1,000 spent on these “cloths” (that were nothing more than needle-punched paper wipes)! We explained how heavy duty commercial-grade microfiber cloths perform much better at a fraction of what these “As Seen on TV” paper wipes cost.

They were also using a few “box store” chemical products that require 3-10x more than our commercial-grade chemicals to be effective. The net usage costs of our chemicals are 30-50% less than these “cheap” box store products.

Shop wisely and know that Scrub n Shine will always recommend the right product for your needs at the best price without gimmicky claims and slick marketing practices.

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