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As the chilly winds of winter gradually make way for the warmth of spring, it’s time to plan ahead for the cleanliness and longevity of your parking garage floors. At Scrub n Shine, we encourage you to mark February/March on your calendar as the optimal time to book your 2016 Twin Cities Parking Garage Floor Cleaning. Ensure your parking facility is ready to shine through the spring and summer seasons.

While ordinary sweeping can tackle surface dirt, it’s the persistent foes—salt, grease, and oil—that pose a long-term threat to your parking garage floors. Sweeping alone won’t suffice; what you need is a thorough SCRUB! Scrub n Shine specializes in Pressure Washing and Deep Scrubbing Parking Garage Floors, providing a meticulous three-step service that guarantees exceptional results.

Our comprehensive process involves the removal of large debris and over 90% of fine debris through soaking and squeegee usage. We then proceed to pressure wash the entire floor, paying meticulous attention to edges and corners. The final touch involves a mechanical deep scrub and squeegee treatment, eradicating dirt, debris, and most importantly, salt residue.

One of our standout features is our commitment to a Dust-Free cleaning experience. While many parking garage cleaning contractors rely on back-pack leaf blowers and ride sweepers that leave a cloud of dust in their wake, we take a different approach. Our method involves water and bio-degradable cleaners from start to finish, ensuring a clean environment without the inconvenience of dust.

Servicing not only the Twin Cities but also St. Cloud and surrounding towns, Scrub n Shine is your trusted partner in maintaining pristine parking garage floors. Don’t let dirt and residue compromise the integrity of your concrete floors; schedule your garage floor cleaning service with us NOW.

Secure your spot for a thorough, efficient, and dust-free cleaning experience. Contact us to book your 2016 Twin Cities Parking Garage Floor Cleaning service today!