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Bomb Shelter Doors in the Basement of This Old Minneapolis Building

Exploring History: Bomb Shelter Doors in a Minneapolis Building’s Basement

In the heart of Minneapolis, within the basement of an old building, lies a piece of history that recently caught our attention—Bomb Shelter Doors. As we encountered these doors, it triggered memories of a bygone era when school children practiced “bomb drills” by hiding under desks. It’s a nostalgic reminder of the precautions taken during a different time.


The mention of bomb drills immediately transports us back to the days when elementary school teachers guided students through safety exercises, emphasizing preparedness in the face of uncertain times. Following these drills, our minds shift to the amusing recollection of Frau Oplesch teaching German on Channel 2 (Public Access TV), a distinctive memory of those times when learning a foreign language was mandatory.

As we navigate through history, it’s worth noting that beneath the surface of this old Minneapolis building, we also undertook the task of restoring their vintage VCT tile floors in the basement. While we don’t have pictures of the floor to share, the laughter-inducing observation is that, on the day of our restoration work, the bomb shelter doors became the center of attention and discussion.

In a blend of reminiscence and practicality, our journey through this building’s basement serves as a testament to the layers of history embedded in urban structures. The preservation of both physical spaces and the stories they hold is an intriguing aspect of our work.

If you have unique historical elements within your building that require attention or restoration, we invite you to contact us. At Scrub n Shine, we are passionate about preserving the past while ensuring the longevity and functionality of the spaces we touch. Let’s explore and enhance the history within your walls together. Contact us to discuss your situation—your history is our mission!

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