Scrub n Shine Sells Commercial Cleaning Equipment!

For our DIY customers, we offer a full line of Commercial Cleaning Equipment (and Janitorial Supplies) in the Twin Cities.

Lease to Own with as Little as $1 Buyout on the Back End

Depending on which lease program you use, the buyout can be as low as $1.00 at the end of the lease.

Our Lease to Own Program is Easy and Covers 100% of the Equipment Cost

A large down payment isn’t necessary.  Typically, a security deposit equal to two months of lease payments is usually all that is required (and a $95.00 documentation fee).

You may payoff the balance at anytime during the lease without a prepayment penalty and own your equipment.

Quick Response

We can usually have an answer within a few business days of receiving your completed application.

Possible Tax Savings*

If your company is in the 34% tax bracket with a monthly payment of $500, your net (realized) lease payment may be reduced to $330 after tax savings – that’s a monthly savings of $170 ($500 x 34%) or $2,040 annually.

*Please consult your tax adviser to determine the impact on your business.


A typical lease involves payments of 24 to 48 months. But, a unique plan may be better for you.  We can customize a lease to fit your particular situation.

If you choose to upgrade or replace the equipment during the lease term, we can help.  Because updating is easy, you’ll always have the most modern equipment available.

Increase Profits Immediately

Increase productivity NOW while spreading the total cost of the equipment over several months.  Many times, the labor savings alone will be enough to make the lease payment!

Preserve Bank Credit Lines

Your lease doesn’t affect your existing borrowing limits with your bank.  You still have 100% of your credit available for other needs.

Conserve Working Capital

Cash isn’t tied up in overhead, so it’s available for income producing investments.  Also, your cash savings may be reinvested in your business to create earnings which may reduce the net cash cost of leasing.

Leases May Have Further Tax Benefits*

Monthly payments may be fully deductible as operating expenses rather than accounting for the equipment as an asset.

*Please consult your tax adviser.

Some restrictions apply.

Contact us to discuss your situation.  We can help!

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