Back Pack Vacuums Pay for Themselves

Scrub n Shine sells quality commercial sells backpack vacuums that are efficient, ergonomic and effective. Your return on investment is almost immediate.

Backpack vacuums are efficient, ergonomic and effective and your return on investment is almost immediate.

Backpack Vacuums are Efficient

Operating a backpack vacuum requires less than half the energy and effort compared to an upright vacuum. This allows you to clean more area in less time with less stress on your body.

Backpack vacuums are 43% more efficient than a commercial upright vacuum and 30% more efficient than a canister in removing commercial carpet soil. In a recent study, a back pack vacuum with a 14″ floor tool was compared to a 14″ wide upright vacuum. The labor savings with a back pack vacuum was approximately 71%!

Backpack Vacuums are Ergonomic

As mentioned above, backpack vacuums require much less energy and put much less stress on the user. Backpack vacuums avoid repetitive motion and reduce hunching that is often associated with operating upright vacuums.

Newer backpack vacuums are designed to contour better to the user’s torso, incorporating a pivoting ball joint and harness that distribute a natural center of gravity, no matter your body’s position. Wands are generally made of light weight aluminum and floor tools glide easily. Some genius finally figured out that these machines get warm and have redesigned the exhaust and overall air flow to keep the user comfortable. They’re also quieter than ever.

Backpack Vacuums are Effective

The top three complaints in office environments with regard to cleanliness are ineffective dusting (42%), ineffective vacuuming (30%), and unhealthy indoor air quality (22%). Back pack vacuums have HEPA filtration (some have 2-stages while others have 4-stage filtration). Removing 99.97% of particulates down to 0.3 microns will obviously improve IAQ and reduce dust within a facility.

Dust contains dirt, textile fibers, pollen, hair flakes, residue from cleaning chemicals and other cleaning products, decaying organic matter, mites, bacteria, fungi, viruses, etc. Micro-organisms are virtually eliminated with the use of 4-stage HEPA filtration found in newer backpack vacuums.

Backpack vacuums work great on uneven floors, including hard floors. In fact, backpack vacuums clean 52% faster than dust mops in congested areas and eliminate messy dust mop maintenance, including laundering. Dust bunnies reappear in as little as 24 hours after dust mops are used, while back pack vacuums extend that time to over 72 hours.

We sell quality commercial backpack vacuums! Contact us to discuss your situation. We can help!

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