There is No Janitorial Industry-Wide Uniformity

Unsubstantiated claims are being made on just about everything, while construction quality, packaging sizes, and workmanship quality continue to go down.

“Race to Zero”

Product Packaging Continues to Shrink in Size

Remember when a 2 x 4 was actually 2″ x 4″?  What used to be packaged in gallons, are now sold in 96 oz. jugs.  Bath tissue (toilet paper) used to be a “standard” 4.5″ wide with 4.5″ sheets; now some manufacturers are making them as small as 3″ wide!  And the list goes on and on.

Manufacturers Cutting Costs

While this trend of smaller packaging continues, manufacturers are constantly looking for ways to stretch the bounds of cheaper material usage and cheaper processes in making their products as inexpensively as they can.

Many Service Contractors are Cutting Corners

At Scrub n Shine, we’ve seen some of the worst workmanship quality in the past 5-10 years of previous contractors.  We know that you have a budget to work with, but don’t accept cruddy corners and edges, bubbling floor finish, watered down hand soap, transparent disposable hand towels, etc..  We are very competitively priced and get the job done right with the highest quality products that will make your facility look great and operate safely!

You Generally Get What You Pay For

Some businesses have closets full of vacuum cleaners, floor machines and other products that claimed to be “commercial quality” and quickly showed why they were priced the way they were.  Many businesses go through watered down hand soaps, floor cleaners, disposable paper products, trash can liners, etc. and accept this poor quality as the “new normal”.

Don’t Accept Poor Quality as the “New Normal”

There are still plenty of quality products available.  You need to find a trustworthy distributor and/or cleaning contractor to discuss your needs and maximize your building maintenance budget.

Base Your Buying Decisions on VALUE, not Price Alone

Ask yourself, is this the best product or service for what we need to accomplish?  What are our options?  Check for active ingredients, packaging size, case weight of paper or trash can liners, etc.  Make sure you’re getting the best VALUE for your money!

Contact us to discuss your situation.  We can help!

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