This building is well over 100 years old and it may have been that long since the trash chutes were cleaned! We clean trash chutes anywhere in the Twin Cities. This job happened to be in downtown St. Paul.

Trash Chutes Should Be Professionally Cleaned at Least Once Per Year

The stench in this trash room was almost unbearable. Nobody that worked at this apartment property knew of any trash chute cleaning being performed while they worked there.

We Were Able to Blast Through 7-Plus Years of Stuck-On Crud

Our equipment is capable of thoroughly cleaning trash chutes in any condition and of any height!

We Include an Active Enzyme Treatment with Every Trash Chute Cleaning Job

We don’t mask odors like other trash chute cleaning companies. Our heavy-duty active enzymes continue to work after we’re gone, consuming organic matter. You’ll love the peace of mind that this treatment gives you!

Contact us to have your trash chutes professionally cleaned. We can help!

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