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10 Tips to Reduce Electro-Static Discharge Caused (in Part) by Carpeted Floors

10 Tips to Reduce Electro-Static Discharge Caused (in Part) by Carpeted Floors

Static electricity can be an annoying issue, especially in environments with carpeted floors. The build-up of electro-static discharge can lead to discomfort and even damage electronic equipment. Here are ten easy tips to help you minimize the impact of static electricity, particularly when caused by carpeted floors.

  1. Avoid Pacing Around: Don’t allow static electricity to accumulate by avoiding excessive pacing around, which can contribute to the build-up of electro-static discharge.
  2. Watch Your Footing: Be mindful not to drag your feet, as this causes excess friction, contributing to the generation of static electricity.
  3. Choose Clothing Wisely: Certain clothing materials, such as fleece, can act as static electricity traps. Consider opting for alternative materials that generate less static.
  4. Increase Humidity: Open a window slightly to let fresh air in, increasing the room’s humidity. Alternatively, consider using a humidifier to counteract static electricity.
  5. Use a Humidifier: Operating a humidifier in the room can help maintain optimal humidity levels, reducing the likelihood of static electricity build-up.
  6. Carry an Anti-Static Dryer Sheet: Keep an anti-static dryer sheet with you and touch it before handling file cabinets or door knobs. This helps dissipate any static charge on your person.
  7. Spray Carpets with Fabric Softener/Water Mix: Periodically spray high-traffic lanes on carpets with a light mixture of fabric softener and water. Avoid over-spraying to prevent residue buildup.
  8. Consider Different Footwear: Synthetic materials in footwear can generate more static electricity. Experiment with different footwear made from natural materials to minimize static.
  9. Manage Your Hair: Long, dry, flowing locks can attract static electricity. Consider using products or hairstyles that reduce the likelihood of static in your hair.
  10. Keep a Metal Object Nearby: Carry a metal teaspoon or another metal object. Before touching items prone to static discharge, handle the metal object to dissipate the charge.


In summary, if you find yourself in a situation where you’re pacing around in synthetic shoes, wearing fleece, and flinging long hair, take precautions. Spray carpets with a fabric softener/water mix, carry an anti-static dryer sheet, and keep a metal spoon handy. Alternatively, for a more permanent solution, consider installing hard flooring and contact professionals like Scrub n Shine to seal and protect your new floor. Minimizing static electricity not only ensures comfort but also protects your surroundings from potential damage.

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