We received a panicked call from a senior center asking us to help them get their trash room to pass inspection. Trash rooms should be non-porous. It should be common sense, but you’d be amazed at how many of these rooms have unsealed or improperly sealed walls, floors and ceilings. This trash room had drywall and concrete walls with flat latex paint. Hardly non-porous. The paint they used was not scrub-able and actually attracted soils.

This Trash Room Continues to Have an Improperly Sealed Floor
Amazingly, the Health Department did not require the concrete floor to be sealed. We recommended that it be sealed, but the customer was only concerned with passing the inspection at this point.

What We Did to Get This Trash Room to Pass Health Department Inspection

  1. Scrubbed with a powerful high-foam degreaser designed for breaking down food-based soils.
  2. Disinfected the walls with a hospital-grade disinfectant.
  3. Neutralized the walls to get the pH to “neutral”.
  4. Applied 2 coats of Primer AND 2 coats of 60% solids oil-based enamel paint.