It’s All About Removing Embedded Food Grease and Oils

It Starts With the Most Effective Industrial Chemicals

We don’t use Simple Green or any other off-the-shelf “box store” product.  At Scrub n Shine, we use the strongest industrial degreasers that will effectively break down soils without damaging your floor.

We Do Not Use Steam

Steam seems to be the rage lately.  We’ve seen the info-mercials, as I’m sure you have.  But, we don’t use steam machines because it may damage the floor and grout while further embedding the steamy goo even deeper into your grout.  Also, most industrial degreaser chemicals use solvents as a their primary active ingredient, which are “flashed off” with the use of steam, rendering the chemical basically useless.

No Ultra High PSI Shot Through Rotating Gizmos

We also don’t believe in blasting your floors with 10,000 PSI of water pressure through a rotating gizmo machine.  These Ultra High Pressure Machines compromise your grout and integrity of your flooring.  Adjacent areas may become damaged or compromised.  Some contractors actually use steam AND ultra high PSI methods together!

We Use Agitation and Common Sense

At Scrub n Shine, we deep scrub commercial kitchen and bar floors to remove grease and fryer oil build-up with gentle (yet effective) cylindrical brush machines as well as good old-fashioned elbow grease.  We get floors clean using proper chemistry and common sense.

Scrub n Shine is the Best Value in Commercial Floor Cleaning and Restoration!

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