Sorry, but we do not work on residential properties (except multi-housing buildings). Scrub n Shine works on commercial properties only.

Scrub n Shine Eliminates Odors, Not Cover Them

Indoor air quality is important. It’s all about finding the source problem and eliminating it. Most often, this process involves the use of industrial strength enzyme products that consume (not cover up) organic material. We recommend “touch” surfaces that come in direct contact with people, be disinfected or sanitized. We are Minnesota’s premier commercial odor control contractor. We use both passive and active Minnesota odor control deodorization systems in Minneapolis, MN.

Aerosol Systems Contain (and Expel) Toxic Chemicals

Aerosol Systems Actually Expel Acetone, Propane and Butane

Metered Aerosol Systems Versus Continuous Passive Hydrogen Systems That Use No Batteries

  • smile-faceOur system saves you money – usage costs are less than $6/month! Save over $40/year per dispenser versus metered aerosols! Our dispensers are only $10 (free with qualifying purchase)
  • yuk-faceMetered aerosol systems usage costs are $7-9/mo per dispenser (plus batteries). That’s 40% more than our system! Their dispensers cost $30-70 each
  • smile-faceOur system saves you time – Our system is powered by hydrogen (no batteries or timers). Simply change the patented cartridge every 3 months! Cuts labor by 80%
  • yuk-faceMetered aerosols cost 4-5 times more labor to maintain – change aerosol cans every 30 days, batteries every 1-2 years, set timers every 6 months (or more).
  • smile-faceOur system deodorizes continuously – evenly distributes scented malodor counteractant 24/7 – up to 6000 cubic feet
  • yuk-faceMetered aerosols spray in a tight pattern, every 15-30 minutes
  • smile-faceOur system does not expel any harmful chemicals – Safe for people with allergies, asthma, elderly and children
  • yuk-faceMetered aerosols use harmful chemicals (acetone, propane & butane) as active ingredients
  • smile-faceOur system will not damage your property.
  • yuk-faceMetered aerosols have stripped glazing from floor tiles, discolored carpet, wall paper, wood, paint, entrance mats, gummed up smoke heads and have melted the dispenser itself!
  • smile-faceOur system uses attractive dispensers – Choose from white or chrome. These units are sleek, modern looking & discreet
  • yuk-faceMetered aerosol dispensers are bulky, unattractive and complicated.

How Do Metered Aerosols Work?

propane acetone butane batteries yuk-face-big
Propane + Acetone + Butane + Batteries = YUK!

How Does the Hydrogen System Work?

natural-hydrogen air-movement air-care-system smile-face-big

Natural Hydrogen + Air Movement = Our Air Care System = Happy Tenants/Customers

Going Green? Our hydrogen system is Earth Friendly. Go “green” without sacrificing performance –
PLUS, SAVE up to $40/year per dispenser in usage and labor costs!

Must purchase 6 cartridges of the same scent (cannot mix scents within a case).

Available in: Citrus Twist, Mango, Cucumber Melon, Arctic Mist, Blue Wave. Dispensers sold separately.