Products and Services Disclaimer

Who We Are and What We Do

Scrub n Shine LLC is Wholly Owned By Total Property Services, Both Based in Minnesota

Scrub n Shine LLC (“Scrub n Shine”) specializes in commercial floor maintenance and commercial floor clear coating.  Due to customer demand, we are expanding to include commercial carpet cleaning, commercial tile and grout cleaning, graffiti removal, commercial garage sweeping, store window cleaning, trash chute cleaning as well as most aspects of general cleaning.

If It Needs to Be Cleaned, We Can Help!

At Scrub n Shine, we also sell a full line of professional cleaning equipment (with parts and service available on most older models), industrial maintenance supplies, high volume paper products, high volume hand soaps, hand sanitizers, hand scrubs, trash cans and trash liners, commercial and industrial matting (including custom logo mats), industrial chemicals that include the most durable floor finishes, highly effective floor strippers, industrial degreasers, EPA Registered (hospital grade) disinfectants, descalers, disposable foodservice products, ice melters, indoor air quality products that include “turn-key” custom deodorization systems and MUCH MORE!

Our product line includes commercial cleaning equipment, janitorial equipment, disposable paper products (bath tissue, hand towels, industrial wipers, napkins, plates, bowls, cups, cutlery, toilet seat covers and more), trash can liners, hand soaps, hand sanitizers, hand scrubs, gloves, industrial matting for bars, restaurant kitchens, building entrances, anti-fatigue (grease and oil resistant), custom logo mats, commercial trash cans, cigarette urns, a full line of industrial chemicals, a full line of foodservice products, cleaning tools and anything else to keep your facility looking great and operating in a  safe and efficient manner.

We Have Great People!

All of our team members are U.S. citizens that are background checked and speak English fluently.  Our team leaders are professional, thorough, trustworthy, detailed-oriented with excellent management and communication skills.  We are insured and excellent references are available upon request.

We Only Use Our Equipment and Supplies

When contracted to clean your facility, we provide our own equipment and supplies.  This ensures consistent, high-quality results.  Our insurer and OSHA require that we have proper training and documentation on everything we use.

Professional Conduct

While on the job, we do not smoke on your property, listen to loud music, answer your phones or doors. We are there to get the job done right and work as efficiently as possible.

After-Hours Security

On “after hours jobs”, we prefer that your alarm system be disarmed while we are there.  If it is critical that your alarm system remain armed in some capacity, we’ll need an access code as well as the alarm monitoring company’s name and phone number, an authorized contact person’s name (from your company) that the alarm company will recognize and a cell phone number of that person in case we experience a problem.  Under no circumstance will we be held liable for an alarm service call, including police arrival and you (the Customer) agree to hold Scrub n Shine harmless in this regard.

Property Damage Waiver

We ask that you (the Customer) place all valuable property, heirlooms, antiques, etc. in a safe and secure place that will not hinder our ability to do our job and you agree to hold Scrub n Shine harmless from any accidental damage.  We are also not responsible for ANY property that is loose, missing or previously damaged in or adjacent to our work area.  We are not liable for loose, broken or missing flooring, carpet, trim, transition pieces, in or adjacent to work area(s).  All of our equipment operates on standard 110-120 volts electrical outlets.  We are not liable for any tripped circuit breakers or power surges from operating our equipment nor any resulting inconvenience or damage to office equipment, etc. that may result from such an occurrence.

Service Order Changes

Our teams are instructed to follow the work requirements that were previously agreed to.  You must notify Scrub n Shine at least one full business day in advance to make any changes.  These changes may result in extra/additional charges.

Payment Policy

Payment arrangements are made at the time the Service Agreement is signed.  Ask about our pre-payment discounts!

After Floors Are Sealed and/or Finished

Scrub n Shine absolutely cannot warranty any flooring against future blemishes due to normal usage or otherwise.  FLOOR FINISH MUST DRY AT LEAST 8 HOURS BEFORE THERE IS ANY SOFT FOOT TRAFFIC.  TO AVOID DEEP SCRAPES/BLEMISHES, ALLOW AT LEAST 48 HOURS BEFORE ANY HEAVY OBJECTS ARE GENTLY PLACED ONTO THE FLOOR.  ALL WATERBORNE ACRYLIC URETHANE FLOOR FINISHES NEED AT LEAST 72 HOURS TO BE 90% CURED AND NEED UP TO 7 DAYS TO BE 100% CURED.  A regular burnishing/buffing maintenance program is highly encouraged to maintain the appearance and extend the life of the floor finish.


Some of our products may contain natural rubber latex which may cause allergic reactions in some individuals.

Products that provide “cut resistance” and “cut protection” or “puncture resistance” and “puncture protection” do not completely prevent or eliminate the potential for cuts or punctures, and are not intended or tested to provide protection against powered blades, serrated or other sharp or rotating equipment.  Products that provide “abrasion resistance” or “abrasion protection” do not completely prevent or eliminate the potential for abrasion-related injuries. Products that provide “chemical resistance” or “chemical protection” do not completely prevent or eliminate the potential for injury due to chemical exposure. Products that provide “resistance” to oil or grease or which are “oil repellant” do not completely prevent or eliminate the potential for oil or liquid penetration or absorption. Products that provide “snag resistance” or “snag protection” do not completely prevent or eliminate the potential for snags or friction-related injuries. Products that provide protection against sparks or flame are not “fire-proof” and do not completely prevent or eliminate the potential for burns or associated injuries. Products that provide protection or resistance against heat or cold are not intended for use in extreme temperatures – use only as specified.

Users are encouraged to always use caution and care when handling sharp or abrasive materials, chemicals, or other hazardous or dangerous substances. Any information or data that we provide, is based upon our current knowledge and understanding of the subject matter, and is offered solely as a possible suggestion for use in making your own decisions or product choices. Product users should conduct all appropriate testing or other evaluations to determine the suitability of any products for a particular purpose or use within a particular environment. It is the responsibility of a product user to assess the level of risk and to determine the protective equipment required or appropriate for the user’s particular purpose. Scrub n Shine may revise this information as new information, knowledge or experience becomes available.


These Disclaimers Are Not All-Inclusive and We Reserve the Right to Amend Them
or Add to Them as We Deem Necessary

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.  Thank you!  Your business is always appreciated!