How to Clean Floor Grout

Learn how to clean floor grout with this article discussing some of our methods for getting floor grout to look great!

Floor Tiles and Grout Need Regular Maintenance

Unsealed floor grout is absorbent and requires regular maintenance.

Remove Soils by Scrubbing with the Right Tools and Chemicals

Use a brush that’s suited best for the type of tile and soils being removed. Brushes that are too coarse may remove the natural glazing from the tile.

Neutralize the soil. If you’re removing grease, use a higher pH product with surfactants. If you’re removing soap scum, use a low pH product.

Some Chemical Ingredients to Consider


Consider products that are oxygenated or contain peroxide or soda. In some cases, chlorinated products or mild acids work best.

Focus on the Grout

Most tiles have a natural glazing and do not absorb soils like grout does. Use a skinny grout brush and focus your efforts on the grout lines. Yes, the tiles will need cleaning, but not near as much as the grout.

Sometimes You May Have to Resort to Using Steam

Steam is very hard on just about everything! Use steam as a last resort to clean grout lines. Keep in mind, once water reaches 140 degrees and higher, the active ingredients in chemicals begin to flash off. Keep cool and scrub one more time before getting steamed!

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