Commercial Cleaning Equipment Maintenance Tips

General Maintenance Tips for Most Janitorial Cleaning Equipment

Generally Speaking

Use appropriate chemicals and mix them at the suggested rates.
Never use equipment for purposes other than their intended use.
Safety is the most important factor.  Use personal protection.
Always read the equipment manual and properly train all staff before using equipment and chemicals.

When in doubt, Contact us for advice on what to use and how to use it.  You may also contact the manufacturer.

Common Sense Janitorial Equipment Maintenance Checklist

1) Refer to the Owner’s Manual for Schematics and Cautionary Procedures

Always unplug and turn machine off before servicing.
Unplug battery charger before servicing.
Chock wheels.
Use proper hand tools that are in good condition.
Work in good lighting.

2) Check Nuts, Bolts, Screws and Tighten as Needed

3) Check Cables, Cords, Belts for Fraying and Replace as Needed

Also, adjust tension of any belts.

4) Check Battery Water Levels and Battery Cables

5) Check Handles, Wheels, Drive Blocks, Brush Decks, Pad Drivers, Pads, Brushes, Tanks, Lids, Squeegee Assemblies, Pedals, Brakes, Charger (and Harnesses)

Tighten, fix, replace as needed.

6) Grease/Oil Bushings, Bearings, Cables, and Pivot Points as Needed

Many come with sealed bearing and motors, but check them nonetheless.

7) Keep Equipment Clean

Filthy, neglected equipment is the most common cause of problems that we see come into our repair shop.

Rinse it off.  Clean it out.  Wipe it down.

It’s ironic when the very equipment used to keep a building clean is filthy itself.
Clean equipment instills confidence in everyone that witnesses your work.
Clean equipment lasts longer and work better.

8) Keep Your Storage and Maintenance Shop Organized and Clean

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