Polymer Matrix Technology™

What is Polymer Matrix Technology?

Polymer Matrix Technology represents an innovative approach in the formulation of resilient floor care coatings.

Blending a Polymer Within a Polymer

It is a new process of blending a “polymer within a polymer”. Through this unique process, our exclusive manufacturer is able to create overall performance improvements by combining the strengths of two distinct polymers into a single base component.

Customized, Unique Formulations

Building on the base component, a set of formulated specific performance characteristics are blended into each of our unique finishes.  We are able to match the desired level of Performance Per Coat to your Maintenance Frequency in order to determine the finish that will best meet the needs of your facility.

Why Consider Using a UHS Floor Finish System?

In the same way that ultra high solids finishes provide a faster solids build, ultra high speed (UHS) equipment provides a faster maintenance solution.

High Speed Burnishing UHS Finishes Achieve Best Results

Low speed buffing takes 30-45 minutes per 1,000 square feet. Using UHS equipment, we can spray buff the same area in approximately half the amount of time and pass the labor savings onto you!

It’s Critical That All Elements of a UHS System are Compatible

Let us put together a floor maintenance program that will keep your floors looking great and reduce your maintenance costs.

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