Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Floor Finish

Here is a List of 60+ Questions We’ve Been Asked About Floor Finish Over the Years (Many of These Were Asked By Other Floor Contractors)

  1. Are Floor Finishes Freeze-Thaw Stable?
  2. Can Floor Finish Scratches Be Buffed Out?
  3. Do Commercial Floor Finishes Contain Preservatives?
  4. Do Floor Finishes with Higher Solids Produce More Gloss?
  5. Do high solids floor finishes perform better than standard solids finishes?
  6. Floor Finish Hardness Values – Knoop Versus Pencil Rating Methods
  7. How do I know when floor finish is dry enough to re-coat?
  8. Is Floor Finish Fully Cured as Soon as it is Dry?
  9. Is Floor Polish the Same as Floor Finish?
  10. Is it OK to Remove Floor Finish by Dry Stripping Methods?
  11. Should I use a urethane-fortified floor finish or a cheaper acrylic?
  12. What are Floor Finish Non-Volatile Solids?
  13. What are Non-Volatile Solids in Floor Finish?
  14. What are the Four Levels of Floor Finish Dry Time?
  15. What are UHS Floor Finishes?
  16. What Causes Fish Eyes or Bird’s Eyes in Floor Finish?
  17. What Causes Floor Finish Chalking?
  18. What Causes Floor Finish Pitting?
  19. What Causes Floor Finish Powdering?
  20. What Causes Floor Finish to Bloom or Blush?
  21. What Causes Peeling of Floor Finish?
  22. What Does the Term Orange Peel Mean as it Relates to Floor Finish?
  23. What Ingredients are in Floor Finish?
  24. What is “Stripping” Floor Finish?
  25. What is a Factory Floor Finish?
  26. What is a Floor Finish Restorer?
  27. What is a Floor Finish Scuff?
  28. What is a Metal Complex Found Within Floor Finishes?
  29. What is a Self Polishing Floor Finish?
  30. What is a Water Based Urethane Floor Finish?
  31. What is Acrylic Floor Finish and How is It Made?
  32. What is Buff-able Floor Finish?
  33. What is Carnauba Wax and is it a Floor Finish Ingredient?
  34. What is Ease of Application of Floor Finish?
  35. What is Floor Finish Adhesion?
  36. What is Floor Finish Coalescence?
  37. What is Floor Finish Detergent Resistance?
  38. What is Floor Finish Film?
  39. What is Floor Finish Gloss Retention?
  40. What is Floor Finish Gloss?
  41. What is Floor Finish Haze?
  42. What is Floor Finish Impact Resistance?
  43. What is Floor Finish Islanding?
  44. What is Floor Finish Leveling?
  45. What is Floor Finish Mottling?
  46. What is Floor Finish Slip Resistance?
  47. What is Floor Finish Stripper?
  48. What is Floor Finish Stripping?
  49. What is floor finish?
  50. What is Floor Finish?
  51. What is Hiding Ability of Floor Finish?
  52. What is High Solids Floor Finish?
  53. What is High Speed Floor Finish?
  54. What is in a Floor Finish Product?
  55. What is Meant by Abrasion Resistant Floor Finish?
  56. What is Meant by Floor Finish Dry Time?
  57. What is Meant by Floor Finish Durability?
  58. What is Meant by Floor Finish Flexibility?
  59. What is Meant by Floor Finish Total Solids?
  60. What is Meant by the Term, Pop (as it Relates to Floor Finish)?
  61. What is Metal Interlocking Floor Finish?
  62. What is Minimum Film Forming Temperature with Floor Finish?
  63. What is Non-Buffable Floor Finish?
  64. What is Soil Release (as it Relates to Floor Finish)?
  65. What is the Difference Between Healing and Heeling Floor Finish?
  66. What’s the Difference Between Floor Finish “Build” and “Build Up”?
  67. Why are Coalescing Agents Important in Floor Finish?
  68. Why are Plasticizers in Floor Finish Products?
  69. Why is Cross-Linking Floor Finish Important?