Commercial Cleaning Equipment Squeegee Assemblies

About Commercial Floor Auto Scrubber Squeegees

Advancements in Squeegee Assemblies and Squeegee Blades Continue

Made from the high quality, durable rubber and/or silicone compounds, new floor auto scrubber squeegees remove the maximum amount of solution from your floor.

Most Newer Squeegee Assemblies Require No Tools to Change

Most newer squeegee assemblies have two heavy-duty plastic knobs that are large enough to turn by hand to remove the entire squeegee assembly from the machine.  Also, most newer models require no tools to change the squeegee blade.

Parabolic Squeegees

Parabolic squeegee assemblies have a semi-circle frame design that holds its squeegee blades in a curved position for the best possible cleaning solution recovery – even during turns.  Most newer auto scrubbers include parabolic squeegees as a standard feature.

Break-Away Squeegees

Newer commercial floor scrubber models include a patented breakaway squeegee system.  Any solid impact to the squeegee blade will cause it to automatically release from the machine.  This reduces the chance of expensive damage to your machine and facility.

Three Types of Highly-Durable Material Found on Newer Squeegee Blades

Linatex Rubber Floor Auto Scrubber Squeegee Blades

The best overall performance and longest-lasting squeegee blades are made from Linatex premium natural rubber in a signature red color.  Linatex works well with chemicals and won’t swell like gum rubber.

These squeegee blades have excellent flexibility for more consistent seals and water pickup as well as rip-resistant durability for long-term wear. Other squeegee blades may appear “red,” but Linatex rubber squeegee blades deliver the best overall performance.

Urethane Floor Auto Scrubber Squeegee Blades

Chemical resistant urethane squeegee blades work especially well in industrial environments with oily or rough surfaces as well as on old or uneven floors, grates or environments with sharp debris.

Gum Rubber Floor Auto Scrubber Squeegee Blades

Gum rubber squeegee blades work well for shopping malls and other public spaces. Gum rubber squeegees ensure maximum water collection on smooth and tiled floors, leaving them dry and safe.

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