Helpful Conversion Tables

Trash Can Liner Thickness Conversion

Converting Mils to Microns

1 mil = 25.4 microns

Converting Microns to Mils

1 µ (micron) = 0.03937007874015748 mil

Converting Degrees Celsius (º C) and Degrees Fahrenheit (º F)

Multiply Celsius by 9/5 then add 32 to get Fahrenheit;
Subtract 32 from Fahrenheit then multiply by 5/9 t get Celsius.

Converting Kilograms (kg) and Pounds (lb.)

Multiple kilograms by 2.205 to get pounds;
Multiply pounds by 0.453 to get kilograms

Converting Kilopascals (kPa) and Pounds Per Square Inch (psi)

Multiply kilopascals by 0.145 to get pounds per square inch;
Multiply pounds per square inch by 6.895 to get kilopascals

Converting Liters and Gallons

Multiply liters by 0.264 to get U.S. gallons;
Multiply gallons by 3.785 to get liters.

Converting Liters and Pints

Multiply liters by 2.113 to get U.S. pints;
Multiply pints by 0.473 to get liters

Converting Liters and Quarts

Multiply liters by 1.057 to get U.S. quarts;
Multiply quarts by 0.946 to get liters

Converting Meters and Lineal Feet

Multiply meters by 3.281 to get feet;
Multiply feet by 0.304 to get meters

Converting Milliliters and Fluid Ounces

Multiply milliliters by 0.033 to get ounces;
Multiply ounces by 29.57 to get milliliters

Converting Millimeters and Inches

Multiply millimeters by 0.039 to get inches;
Multiply inches by 25.40 to get millimeters

Converting Newton (N) and Kilogram-Force (kgf)

Multiply newton by 0.1020 to get kilogram-force;
Multiply kilogram-force by 9.807 to get newton

Converting Terabecquerel (TBq) and Curie (Ci)

Multiply terabecquerel by 27.03 to get curie;
Multiply curie by 37 to get terabecquerel

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