Disposable Gloves Durability and Fit Quick Reference

This quick reference compares the strength, protection, comfort and fit of disposable gloves.

Glove Sizing Chart

Disposable Glove Sizing Chart

Disposable Glove Sizing Chart

Nitrile Disposable Gloves

Nitrile gloves are very strong, offer high protection, resists punctures and does not tear easily. Nitrile gloves conform well to the shape of your hand, resulting in a slightly tighter fit.

Latex Disposable Gloves

Natural rubber latex gloves are very durable with low leakage rate and offer high protection. Latex gloves have a comfortable fit due to the elasticity of natural rubber, are soft to touch with great snap-back qualities.

Vinyl Disposable Gloves

Vinyl disposable gloves are weak and break with extended or rigorous use. Vinyl offers low protection. Use in low risk situations. Vinyl has anti-static properties. Vinyl gloves have a looser fit, resulting in less dexterity.

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