Dilution Chart and pH Scale Chart

This helpful chart shows how many ounces of chemical to add per gallon of water to achieve desired dilution ratios. This chart also shows U.S. volume equivalents and a handy pH scale chart.

Dilution Chart and pH Scale Chart

Dilution Chart and pH Scale Chart helps with dilution ratios and proper pH

Why Proper Chemical Dilution Mix Ratios are Important

If the chemical mixture is too weak, it won’t work effectively. If the mixture is too strong, it can also become less effective, leave a residue and possibly damage the surface that the soil is being removed from.

One customer was frustrated with the lack of effectiveness when they used one of our degreasers at full strength (did not add water) to prep. metal I-Beams for processing and painting. We told them that it would be much more effective if mixed with water. They explained how their previous product (from another distributor) was so watered down on its own, that they used it straight from the jug with no mixing! After adding water to our product, it worked great and saved them money.

Why is pH Important When Choosing a Cleaning Chemical?

To properly clean, you need to neutralize the soil (i.e., if the soil is acidic in nature, you’ll need a chemical that is alkaline to remove the soil).

Our previous article on Chemistry of Cleaning will help you better understand how this works.

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