Commercial Restroom Cleaning, the Scrub n Shine Way

Scrub n Shine’s Commercial Restroom Cleaning Process

We Start “High and Dry”

We “glove up” and place wet floor or caution signs in appropriate areas.
We start high and dry, using a duster to clean vents, corners, tops of doors, partitions and mirrors.

All Disinfectants Must Dwell for a Minimum of 5 Minutes to Maximize Pathogen Kill

We spray all contact hard surfaces with a hospital grade disinfectant cleaner as well as toilets and urinals (inside and out), faucets, sinks, showers, etc. then let it remain wet for at least 5 minutes for maximum kill of pathogens.

Replenish Stock & Sweep

At this point, we replenish supplies: toilet tissue, sanitary napkins, tampons, paper towels, facial tissue, soap, and toilet seat covers, etc., replace sanitary receptacle bags if applicable.  Then we sweep the floor, replace liners in the trash containers, check deodorizer dispensers (if applicable).

Scrub Fixtures, Wipe Hard Surfaces and Mop

Now, after the disinfectant has done its job, we scrub the inside of the urinals and toilets with a bowl swab (if needed, use a pumice stick to remove hard water stains), scrub showers.  We wipe the outside of the urinals and toilets with disposable rags or wipes to avoid cross contamination, mop the bathroom floor with disinfectant, clean mirrors, chrome, steel, and other surfaces.

We Report Any Needed Repairs

Finally, we’ll report any items that are in need of repair or replacement such as, hinges, lights, dispensers, etc.  We’ll leave a list of repairs so broken items can be repaired.

Other Notes of Interest

Personal Protection

Wearing protective equipment, such as goggles or safety glasses, boots, and gloves protect our staff from contact with chemicals as well as pathogens.


Placing wet floor signs in appropriate areas and barrier tape where needed, alerts people that there is work in progress.


We always use chemicals according to directions. Disinfectants need dwell time to truly be effective. We avoid bleach based products because they are destructive to chrome, counter tops, mirrors, floor finish and more.

Wet Mopping

We use a clean mop bucket and wringer with disinfectant and change mop heads frequently. Our microfiber and top-quality blended mop heads are laundered regularly.


A window squeegee may be used on flat surfaces to speed up the process of cleaning. Many times we’ll also use squeegees to clean the partitions, counter tops, mirrors, and walls.

Contact us to discuss your situation.  We can help!