Lignin Sulfonate as an Ice Melter Ingredient?

Manufacturers and distributors of ice melter products are constantly looking for ways to cheapen their products. Some use beet juice, while others are using leftover by-products from paper mills!

Lignin Sulfonate is By-Product of Paper Mills

Although it is less expensive than calcium chloride, it lasts for a fraction of the time.

Lignin Sulfonate is Worthless in Wet Conditions

The effectiveness of lignin sulfonate products is completely destroyed in the presence of water because of its solubility.

Lignin Sulfonate is Bad for the Environment

It’s been found that higher levels of lignin sulfonate can cause high coloring effects in water bodies, reduced biological activity, and hindered growth in fish.

Slippery When Wet!

Lignin sulfonate is also slow to biodegrade, contributing to de-oxygenation of surface water. This may actually cause a walkway to become slippery when wet!

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