How to Polish Granite Floors / How to Buff Granite Floors

Granite Resurfacing and Polishing Procedures

This article will walk you through the process of how to polish granite floors and how to buff granite floors.

Strip, Hone, Vacuum, Mop, Polish, Sweep

The process is actually pretty basic. You just need the right products and equipment.

Thoroughly Remove All Surface Coatings

It’s essential to remove any finishes that may exist.

Hone Using Scratch Removal Discs (SRD’s)

Scratch Removal Discs come in different grits. SRDs “cut” with the aggressive action yet leave a fine grit finish. Once this step is completed, your floor is ready to accept a polish powder or polishing paste.

Honing process time on Granite is approximately 1 min. per sq. ft. Keep wet at all times during the honing process.

Vacuum the slurry and rinse with a Neutral pH Stone Cleaner

Make sure to vacuum the dry residue before mopping with a neutral pH stone cleaner

Wet Polish with a White Pad Until it Dries

Pour approximately 1 oz. of a Granite Gloss/Rejuvenator plus 1 oz. of water directly onto the floor. Buff 10-12 sq. ft. with a white polishing pad. Continue to buff until mixture is completely dry and gloss is restored.

Sweep or Vacuum Floor Dry Residue If Any Exists

Sweep or vacuum to remove the powder residue.

Interim Maintenance Keeps Granite Floors Looking Their Best

Protect, if needed, with an impregnating stone seal.

Clean daily with a neutral pH stone wash.

Maintain gloss with a granite gloss product.

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