Commercial Mat Rental vs Purchasing Entrance Mats

Do you know the facts? We do.

Is Commercial Mat Rental More Convenient Than Owning Mats?

The service intervals for mat rental ranges from weekly to bi-weekly to monthly. Based on need, most facilities vacuum their mats daily.

Mat Rental Suggests One Type of Mat and One Size Fits All Applications

Mat rental programs offer small sizes that are convenient to roll up and haul away. A truly effective mat program will include 3 mats: a coarse outdoor scraper mat, an indoor scraper/wiper mat and a smooth “walk-off” wiper mat. Rental mats are thin, light weight, smooth mats that are not effective.

Rental Mats are Not Effective at Stopping Dirt and Moisture

Most rental mats are ultra thin, smooth “wiper” mats that are not effective in preventing soil from entering your facility and tend to slip, slide, curl and bunch up. Rental mats are usually made of single level of nylon that crushes flat. By design, rental mats are not made to hold water, since they have to constantly pressure wash them between customers.

At Scrub n Shine, we believe that the whole point of entrance matting is to create a safe and attractive means of removing 85-95% of soils at the door. Our HEAVY SCRAPE-LIGHT SCRAPE-WIPE System of commercial matting removes 85-95% of soils at the door, looks great and provides a safe means of entry into your facility.

Aren’t Rental Mats Changed and Cleaned Regularly?

Most outdoor mats, anti-fatigue mats, bar and kitchen mats on a rental program are not changed at all! It is up to the customer to clean them while paying a rental fee.

Mat Rental Companies Claim to Always Deliver Clean Attractive Mats

The fact is, the age of rental mats range from  new to 10 years old in some cases. The quality, condition, color, age and appearance vary considerably from one service trip to another. This inconsistency negatively affects your facility’s image. Mats in disrepair may actually cause safety hazards.

Isn’t it More Environmentally Friendly to Rent Versus Own Mats?

No. Rental mats require fuel for pick up and delivery, energy to wash and dry, and add chemicals to waste water systems.

At Scrub n Shine, most of our commercial mats are made from recycled materials and outperform rental mats over a life cycle of 5-15 years!

Is it More Economical to Rent Versus Buy Commercial Matting?

Again, the answer is no. The rental fee alone is generally 20-25 cents per square foot PER WEEK. On top of that, there are usually fuel surcharges, environmental fees and other fees! BUT, using just 20 cents per square foot per week, a 3×5 mat will end up with a cost of  $780 over a five year period! In contrast, we sell much better quality, better looking and more effective 3×5 mats for $70-120!

Get What You Need and What You WANT by Purchasing Commercial Matting

Purchasing allows you to coordinate colors, styles, sizes, shapes to suit your tastes and needs.

At Scrub n Shine, we sell quality commercial matting in just about any color, style, size and shape imaginable. We sell Custom Logo entrance mats, Anti-Fatigue mats that are welding safe-chemical resistant-oil resistant, Bar and Kitchen mats that are grease resistant-with or without drain holes, outdoor heavy scraper mats, indoor “carpeted” scraper mats, wiper mats, commercial carpet tiles, large rolled matting and more!

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