Bonnet Cleaning Carpet

Typical Bonnet Method of Carpet Cleaning

Some companies use bonnet methods as their primary means of carpet cleaning.  Using this method alone, only cleans the top 1/3 of the fibers and “buffs” the rest of the soil into the carpet backing and pad. Bonnet cleaning alone, leaves a residue that attracts dirt.  We occasionally use bonnets as a supplemental means after extraction in high traffic areas.

What are Carpet Bonnets or “Bonnet Pads”?

Carpet bonnets are round, soft, cloth pads that made of cotton, rayon, polypropylene yarns and/or synthetic blended of yarns.  There are also bonnets made of microfiber material.  The bonnet pads are soaked in a specially blended chemical solution (designed for bonnet cleaning carpet) in a mop bucket.  After soaking, the pads are wrung out then placed under the pad driver of a LOW SPEED rotary floor machine and “buff” the soils from the carpet into the bonnet pad.  The pads can be flipped when one side becomes soiled and must be replaced frequently with a clean, soaked and wrung-out pad.  Bonnet Cleaning is also done on bowling lane approaches with alcohol (astringent) cleaners.

Vacuum the Area That Will Be Treated and Cleaned

Use a good quality COMMERCIAL VACUUM (not available at stores) to remove as much dry soil as possible.  We sell commercial vacuums and commercial cleaning equipment and can help you with this.

We Spot Treat Stains and Pre-Spray Traffic Areas

Stained or heavily soiled carpets need to be pre-sprayed and scrubbed while wet.  We use a bio-enzymatic chemical solution mixed strong enough to consume all organic soil and loosen any stuck-on soils.  We test in a small, inconspicuous area for colorfastness.  Once we’ve determined our pre-spray solution is safe to use, we apply the solution with a pump sprayer to the stains and heavily trafficked areas and let it dwell for 10 minutes to break down the soils in the carpet, before we scrub with a soft, short bristled nylon brush.

Now It’s Time to Bonnet Clean

Using bonnet pads that are the same diameter size as the floor machine pad driver (or an inch larger diameter).  We soak 2-3 bonnet pads in a mop bucket that is filled with a specially designed, high-foaming, carpet shampoo solution.  Removing one bonnet from the mop bucket, we wring it out and place under a LOW SPEED rotary floor machine (buffer) onto the carpet and use the machine with overlapping passes.  We make sure to frequently flip, change and re-soak bonnets as needed.  Heavy traffic areas and stains may need more than one cleaning.  When finished, allow carpet to dry before introducing traffic to the area.

Spotters and Pre-Spray Chemicals

Our spotters are highly concentrated cleaners that will attack stains and they are specifically formulated to treat specific types of stains. Many carpet cleaning contractors use only 1 or 2 products for every cleaning situation, usually a degreaser-type product that will loosen the fibers from the carpet backing over time.  These all-purpose cleaners may cause mildew and re-wicking of the same stain as well as leave a sticky residue.

Follow Directions When Mixing Chemicals

Proper mixing of chemicals is key to any successful cleaning job.  We use the right chemicals for the job and mix only as strong as necessary.

Contact us to discuss your situation.  We can help!