What Ingredients are in Floor Finish?

What is Floor Finish?

Floor Finish is a Liquid That is Applied to a Floor That Dries to a Hard, Durable and Protective, Smooth Film

This film is extremely thin and is expected to protect and extend the life of the floor while providing an attractive appearance and slip resistant surface.

What is in a Floor Finish Product?

Floor finishes may contain as many as twenty-five ingredients!  But, there are five basic categories of floor finish ingredients.

The Five Basic Ingredients in a (Water Based) Floor Finish

The five basic ingredients are polymer emulsions, film formers, modifiers, preservatives and water.

Some of These Ingredients Evaporate While Others Remain on the Floor After Drying

The ingredients that evaporate are called, “volatile” components.  Volatile ingredients assist in the film formation, drying and curing of the finish and then evaporate.

The ingredients that stay on the floor are called, “non-volatile” components.    The non-volatile ingredients are the solid materials that remain on the floor and become the cured, floor finish film.

These Ingredients Produce a Balanced Blend of Physical and Performance Characteristics

Some of these characteristics include: hardness, gloss, clarity, scuff resistance, slip resistance, water and detergent resistance, buff-ability, removability, recoat-ability, and toughness.

Polymer Emulsions are Key Ingredient When Manufacturing a Quality Floor Finish Product

A polymer is a giant molecule made from a large number of similar smaller molecules, called monomers, which are joined together chemically.  The chemical process of making a polymer is called polymerization.  When a polymer is made from two or more monomers, it is called a copolymer.  Many polymers are named for the monomer from which they are made.  For example, the polymer polyethylene is named for its monomer ethylene.

Chemists suspend the giant floor finish polymer in water, making it a polymer emulsion.  Most floor finish manufacturers treat the monomers and processes used to make their polymer emulsions as a trade secret.  However it is generally known that most floor finish polymer emulsions are made from acrylic and/or styrene type monomers.

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