What is Industrial Cleaning?

What is Meant by the Term Industrial Cleaning?

Industrial Cleaning generally includes heavy-duty, non-residential cleaning that is usually done by specialists to that specific cleaning task.

Some Industrial Cleaning Services Examples

  • Pressure Washing and Water Blasting
  • Restaurant and Food Processing Vent Hood Cleaning
  • Factory Production and Equipment Cleaning
  • Machining and Fabrication Shop  and Equipment Cleaning
  • Linen and Uniform Cleaning Services
  • Window Cleaning Above 3 Stories
  • Heat Fin and Boiler Cleaning
  • Remediation of Hazardous and Combustible Materials
  • Remediation of Mold, Smoke, Soot, Ash, Asbestos, Etc.
  • Crime Scene Clean Up
  • Pneumatic and Hydro Evacuation
  • Cryogenic Cleaning
  • Hydraulic Oils and Grease Removal

Many Cleaning Services and Distributors of Janitorial Supplies Claim to be Industrial

The term Industrial just sounds solid, doesn’t it?  Far too many distributors and cleaning services misuse this label as a means of projecting their products or services as better or stronger than they really are.  Most are really Commercial Cleaning Services or sell Commercial Cleaning Products.

What is the Difference Between Industrial Cleaning and Commercial Cleaning?

As explained above, Industrial Cleaning is a much more specialized, heavy-duty cleaning service.  Commercial Cleaning (What is Commercial Cleaning?) is much more generalized and lighter-duty in nature.

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