What is Commercial Cleaning?

What is Meant by the Term Commercial Cleaning?

Commercial cleaning is a broad term that is used by the Janitorial Sanitation Industry (JanSan) to describe most most light to medium duty cleaning tasks that are performed at non-residential, commercial properties such as churches, schools, offices, retail stores, etc.

What are Some Examples of Commercial Cleaning Duties?

General Office Area Cleaning

  • Empty trash receptacles
  • Spot clean partitions
  • Inspect all areas and remove large debris
  • Spot clean carpets
  • Spot clean doors and walls
  • Spot clean windows and glass
  • Arrange furniture neatly
  • Vacuum carpets
  • Empty recycling bins
  • Clean and polish drinking fountains
  • Detail vacuum using edge tool and dust baseboards
  • Clean reachable vents
  • Clean interior side of exterior windows

Restroom Cleaning

  • Clean and disinfect sinks, toilet bowls, urinals and toilet seats
  • Clean mirrors, faucets, fixtures and dispensers
  • Spot clean walls
  • Spot clean and dust partitions
  • Sweep and wet mop floors
  • Replenish towels, hand soap, lotion, toilet tissue and room deodorizers
  • Spot clean doors
  • Dust door frames
  • Empty trash

Entrances and Lobby Area Cleaning

  • Empty receptacles
  • Spot clean carpets
  • Clean drinking fountains
  • Spot clean walls, signage and doors
  • Spot clean surfaces within reach
  • Vacuum traffic areas

Stairs Cleaning

  • Sweep or vacuum stairs and landings
  • Damp mop hard finish floors
  • Remove fingerprints and smudges from doors
  • Dust handrails

Vending and Kitchenette Area Cleaning

  • Empty trash receptacles
  • Spot clean vending machines
  • Spot clean walls and doors
  • Sweep and damp mop hard finished floors
  • Replenish towels, soap, etc.
  • Wipe counter tops and clean sinks

Elevator Cleaning

  • Completely vacuum elevator carpet
  • Dust directories, tables, and reception area

Exterior Entrances and Patio Cleaning

  • Remove trash
  • Sweep and pickup trash
  • Pick up in and around dumpster area
  • Take out trash and recycling

Some Light to Medium Duty Special Cleaning

  • Machine scrub floors
  • Re-coat floors with floor finish
  • Wet extraction of carpets
  • Dust and vacuum crevices and baseboard edges
  • Clean elevator tracks
  • Clean exterior glass on ground level

How Does Commercial Cleaning Differ From Industrial Cleaning?

As mentioned above, Commercial Cleaning is performed at non-residential properties.  Industrial Cleaning (What is Industrial Cleaning?) includes much heavier duty cleaning tasks. Some also categorize industries such as dry cleaners, linen services (uniform launderers), etc.

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