As it Relates to Cleaning, What is T.A.C.T.?

T.A.C.T. is an acronym for Time, Agitation, Concentration and Temperature. Changing any of the principles of T.A.C.T. will increase or decrease the effectiveness of the cleaning process.


The longer the chemicals stay in contact with the soils and surface that it’s on, the more effective the chemical cleaners will be. Double scrubbing will increase the amount of time the cleaner remains in contact with the surface.


Agitation is the use of cleaning tools to break soils loose and remove them. Using a more aggressive brush or pad will increase agitation.


Adjust the concentration rates of cleaning chemicals based on soil levels to maximize the effectiveness of the cleaning chemical being used. Always refer to the manufacturer’s label.


Use the manufacturer’s recommended water temperature for the cleaning product to maximize its effectiveness. Increased water temperature may help, except with solvent based chemicals.