In Blended Ice Melt Products, How Much of Each Active Ingredient is Enough?

There must be a sufficient amount of any ingredient to achieve measurable results. Independent lab analyses and industry studies show that trace amounts of ingredients are insufficient to achieve additional ice melting or, for that matter, environmental protection.

Why are Most Quality Ice Melter Products a Blend of Ingredients?

Blended ice melters are designed to lower the melting temperature as well as inhibit environmental injury and/or corrosion. Blended ice melters include a complimentary mix of ingredients that are mostly chlorides. The most effective chlorides are calcium chloride and magnesium chloride.

How Can I Tell What is in an Ice Melter and the Amount of Each Active Ingredient?

Nobody wants to give away trade secrets and/or recipes of proprietary blends, but your distributor must provide the MSDS for your ice melter upon request. If the percentages of ingredients are not listed on the product packaging, question its performance claims and ask for the name of a customer or two near you that you could call.

OR, you could just contact us to learn more about our unique blend of four chlorides!

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