What are Carpet Bonnets or “Bonnet Pads”?

Carpet bonnets are round, soft, cloth pads that made of cotton, rayon, polypropylene yarns and/or synthetic blend of yarns.  There are also bonnet pads made of microfiber material.

Bonnet pads are soaked in a specially blended chemical solution (designed for bonnet cleaning carpet) in a mop bucket.  After soaking, the pads are wrung out then placed under the pad driver of a LOW SPEED rotary floor machine and used to “buff” the soils from the carpet into the bonnet pad.

The pads can be flipped when one side becomes soiled. Bonnet pads must be replaced frequently with a clean, soaked and wrung-out pad.

LITTLE KNOWN FACT: Bonnet Cleaning is also done on bowling lane approaches with specially formulated alcohol-blended (astringent) cleaners.