Which Disposable Industrial Wiper is Right for You?

Choosing the Right Disposable Industrial Wiper for Your Needs

Are you still relying on general-purpose disposable “rags” or shop towels commonly found in retail stores? It might be time to consider a more efficient and cost-effective solution. Explore the world of high-quality industrial wipers from Scrub n Shine to discover which product best suits your specific applications.

Key Considerations Before Selecting an Industrial Wiper

Before diving into the wide range of industrial wipers available, consider the following questions to make an informed decision

  • Surface Type: Identify the surfaces you need to wipe.
  • Solution Application: Determine whether you are applying or removing a solution.
  • Solution Type: Specify if the solution is grease, oil, solvent-based, or water-based.
  • Setting: Are you in a manufacturing, automotive, or healthcare setting?
  • Price vs. Quality: Decide on the priority between price and quality.

Quick Comparison Guides

To assist you in the selection process, we’ve created quick comparison guides based on four categories: Low Lint, Absorbency, Wet Strength, and Durability.

  • Low Lint: The higher the grade, the less lint is left behind after use.
  • Absorbency: Higher grades indicate a wiper’s capacity to hold fluids.
  • Wet Strength: This grade reflects the tensile strength of the wiper when wet.
  • Durability: Compares the life of the wiper under general wiping conditions.

Wiper Categories

Bonded Cellulose Wipers

  • High loft for excellent absorbency.
  • Suitable for light to medium applications.
  • Ideal for auto body repair and healthcare settings.

Brown 4-Ply Wipers

  • Medium-duty with a heavy-duty feel.
  • Textured for quick absorption of liquids, grease, and oil.
  • Economical choice for general purposes.

Cloth Wipers

  • Available in new and recycled options.
  • New cloth options include beef cloth, cheese cloth, towels, and tack rags.
  • Recycled options vary widely in condition and materials.

Hydro-Entangled Wipers

  • Also known as spunlace wipers.
  • Absorbent with extra strength and durability.
  • Low-lint, suitable for various applications.

Scrim Reinforced Wipers

  • Made from multiple layers of tissue laminated around a nylon web.
  • Low-lint, great for cleaning glass, grease, and oil.
  • Durable, even when wet, and non-scratching.

Sorbent Products:

  • Designed to absorb liquids.
  • Available for general purpose, oil-only, or hazardous materials use.
  • Offered in various forms like socks, rolls, pillows, and sheets.

Specialty Wipers

  • Tailored for unique applications like dust cloths, food service wipers, and polishing cloths.
  • Each designed to meet specific needs in dusting, absorbency, and non-scratching qualities.

Tissue and Toweling

  • Economical options available in white or blue.
  • Dispensed from rolls or pop-up boxes.
  • Vary in ply from 1-Ply to 4-Ply and more.


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