Which Disposable Industrial Wiper is Right for You?

Which Disposable Industrial Wiper is Right for You? Are you still using general purpose disposable “rags” or disposable shop towels found in most retail stores? Save time and money with high-quality industrial wipers from Scrub n Shine! This article will…

Are you still using general purpose disposable “rags” or disposable shop towels found in most retail stores? Save time and money with high-quality industrial wipers from Scrub n Shine! This article will help you determine which industrial wiper product will work best for your application.

Consider the Following Questions Before Selecting an Industrial Wiper Product

What Type of Surface are You Wiping?

Are You Applying a Solution or Removing One?

What Type of Solution is it?

Grease, Oil, Solvent-Based or Water-Based?

Are You in a Manufacturing, Automotive or Health Care Setting?

Price and Quality are Both Important, but Which is a Higher Priority?

About our Quick Comparison Guides for Each Category of Industrial Wiper Listed Below

We’ve graded the type of wiper in four different categories: Low Lint, Absorbency, Wet Strength, Durability.

Low Lint

Just as the title implies, the less lint that is left behind after using the wiper, the higher the number (grade)


This title may be a tad misleading because we’ve graded the wiper by the amount of fluid it can hold, not the rate of absorbency per se. The higher the number (grade), the more fluid it can hold.

Wet Strength

This is the tensile strength of the wiper while wet (with water). The higher the number (grade), the stronger it is.


Compares the life of the wiper under general wiping conditions. The higher the number (grade), the more durable it is.

About the Letters Listed in the Wiper Category Title Banner of Each Chart

We’ve listed typical wiper applications as acronyms in the title banner of each wiper chart as a quick reference tool.

W = Water

GO = Grease and Oil

GP = General Purpose

PC = Personal Care

S = Solvents

The Following is an Alphabetical Listing of Wiper Categories

Bonded Cellulose, Brown 4-Ply, Cloth, Hydro-Entangled, Scrim Reinforced, Sorbents, Specialty, Tissue and Toweling

Bonded Cellulose Wipers

Bonded cellulose wipers are also referred to as air-laid or wet-laid. Air-laid wipers use chemical binders to hold the cellulose together while wet-laid products do not. Bonded cellulose wipers generally have a high loft or bulk, which gives it a high rate of absorbency.

Available in a wide variety of weights, they are very absorbent and durable in light to medium applications. Some uses include auto body repair and health care settings as a disposable wash cloth. For heavy solvent use, a wet-laid product may be better suited.

About Bonded Cellulose Wipers

About Bonded Cellulose Wipers

Brown 4-Ply Wipers

Brown 4-Ply wipers are medium-duty wipers with a heavy-duty feel and have no glue. They are generally textured, wipe cleanly and quickly absorb liquids, grease and oil and leave no residue. Economical wiper for most general purpose uses. Works well for manufacturing, maintenance, janitorial use, and many other medium-duty applications.

About 4-Ply Brown Wipers

About 4-Ply Brown Wipers

Cloth Wipers

New and recycled cloth wipers are widely available. New cloth wipers include beef cloth, cheese cloth, towels and tack rags. Recycled wipers are usually a by-product of clothing or linen service industries. The condition and materials vary widely. It is highly recommended to use new cloths for best results.

About Cloth Wipers

About Cloth Wipers

Hydro-Entangled Wipers

Hydro-entangled wipers are also called spunlace wipers. These wipers use water jets (not chemicals) to bind cellulose with non-woven fibers to produce an absorbent, very strong wiper. Heavy cellulose content provides excellent absorbency, while the non-woven substrate provides extra strength and durability. This low-lint wiper is ideal for use on computers, electronics, as well as applications with heavy grease, oil or strong solvents.

Hydro-entangled wipers are available in smooth, creped or dual-textured to best fit your needs.

About Hydro-Entangled Wipers

About Hydro-Entangled Wipers

Scrim Reinforced Wipers

Scrim reinforced wipers are made from multiple layers of tissue, laminated around a nylon web. These low-lint wipers are great for cleaning glass as well as grease and oil. Scrim wipers are very durable, even when wet and are non-scratching. Scrim wipers are very economical and can be used in a large variety of applications

About Scrim Reinforced Wipers

About Scrim Reinforced Wipers

Sorbent Products

Sorbents are made to absorb liquids. They are generally available for general purpose use, oil-only use, or for hazardous materials use. Custom spill kits are also available. Sorbents are generally sold as “socks”, rolls, pillows, and sheets. Their sole purpose is to contain and/or absorb liquid spills.

About Sorbents

About Sorbents

Specialty Wipers

Some applications are so unique, they require a special wiper designed for it. The most common uses are dust cloths, food service wipers, and polishing cloths. Dust cloths are soft rayon wipers and may be pre-treated with a lemon-oil to aid in dusting. Food service wipers are also made of rayon, but have a textured surface to aid in absorbency and cleaning ability. Polishing cloths are non-scratching and non-linting. They remove dust and dirt while allowing use of waxes, glaze and other compounds on most hard surfaces.

About Specialty Cloths and Wipers

About Specialty Cloths and Wipers

Tissue and Toweling

Generally available in white or blue and are very economical. Often dispensed from rolls or pop-up boxes. Available in 1-Ply up to 4-Ply (and more).

About Tissue and Toweling

About Tissue and Toweling

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