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Privatization of Custodial Services in Public Schools Could Cut Costs Dramatically

School Districts Face Continuing Pressure to Cut Costs Custodial and Maintenance Work Has Come Under Increasing Scrutiny According the NEA, some cost-cutting has been accomplished through minor improvements in efficiency, but there have been many short-si…

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Clean Parking Garage

3 Reasons to Regularly Clean Your Parking Garage Floors

A cluttered or dirty parking ramp or garage detracts from all of the other services that you provide for your patrons. Protect your investment and reinforce a positive image with regular garage or parking ramp pressure wash and power scrub from Scrub-n-Sh…

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Goodyear Service Sales Floor - BEFORE

Grit Destroys Carpet and Floors

Grit From Dirt Destroys Carpet and Floors Foot Traffic Grinds the Grit, Tearing Apart Carpet Fibers and Floor Finish The concept is simple (but easier said than done), just keep your floors and carpet clean at all times. Sweeping is Quick, Cheap and Easy…

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Floors are the Foundation of Building Maintenance

A Good Floor Maintenance Plan Involves a Financial Commitment You can hang chandeliers or play classical music, but if your floors look bad, the rest of your efforts are meaningless.  Management needs to realize the importance of contracting great floor m…

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ADA Standards for Accessible Design

State and Local Government Facilities Must Follow the Requirements of the 2010 ADA Standards All State and Federal government facilities must follow the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 2010, including both the Title II regulations a…

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Scrub n Shine Cleans Government Facilities

Apples and Oranges

There is No Janitorial Industry-Wide Uniformity Unsubstantiated claims are being made on just about everything, while construction quality, packaging sizes, and workmanship quality continue to go down. “Race to Zero” Product Packaging Continues to Shrink…

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Hospital and Clinic Cleaning Guidelines – Courtesy, Regents of the University of Minnesota

Hospital and Clinic Cleaning Guidelines – Courtesy, Regents of the University of Minnesota. In Hospitals, the Use of Disinfectants is Necessary to Reduce the Risk of Infection. Varying Levels of Disinfection Used in a Healthcare Facility May Be Defined by…

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