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Correcting Another Contractor's Sloppy Workmanship

Scrub and Recoat Instead of Strip and Wax

What is Meant By “Scrub and Recoat”? Scrubbing floor finish is just what the term implies; it is a mildly aggressive process of mechanically scrubbing the existing floor finish.  The chemicals are not harsh or hazardous to work with.  This procedure remov…

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Goodyear Service Sales Floor - BEFORE

Grit Destroys Carpet and Floors

Grit From Dirt Destroys Carpet and Floors Foot Traffic Grinds the Grit, Tearing Apart Carpet Fibers and Floor Finish The concept is simple (but easier said than done), just keep your floors and carpet clean at all times. Sweeping is Quick, Cheap and Easy…

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Floors are the Foundation of Building Maintenance

A Good Floor Maintenance Plan Involves a Financial Commitment You can hang chandeliers or play classical music, but if your floors look bad, the rest of your efforts are meaningless.  Management needs to realize the importance of contracting great floor m…

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DON'T-REPLACE - Restore Your Old Floor Instead!

Don’t Let Winter Weather Destroy Your Floors

Don’t Let Rain, Snow, Sleet, Salt and Grit Destroy Your Floors! Weather conditions compound floor care problems.  A regular maintenance program is critical to extend the life and appearance of your floors. Control Grit By Using High Quality Industrial Mat…

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polished concrete floor

Creating a Successful Floor Care Maintenance Program

Floors Play a Key Role in Presenting the “Right” Image for Your Facility Floors are usually the first thing that people notice when entering a building.  This also applies to restrooms, food courts, stairwells, fitness rooms and other areas within a facil…

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1912 floor machine

The History of Floor Machines

Electric-Powered Floor Machines Date Back to the Early 1900s Coincidentally, this was the same time vacuum cleaners were introduced that were light enough and inexpensive enough for professional cleaners to consider buying. Pushing and Pulling First Floor…

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