We’re almost ready to launch our NEW responsive version of Scrub-n-Shine.com! To make things easier on Mike, our Webmaster Extraordinaire (MichaelBrentEcklund.com), we’ve decided to limit our Blog Posts, etc. until this transition is completed. Despite this, our website activity remains strong.

Scrub-n-Shine.com had Strong Activity for a Beautiful Sunday in August

Considering we haven’t posted anything significant in weeks, our website numbers were pretty strong for a Sunday! Upon further review, we noticed that many of the clicks came from spam referral sites.

Spam Referral Sites Hurt More than They Help

There are numerous data farms that obtain, compile, sort and resell information. Countless websites exist for no other purpose except to link, back-link, cross-link, etc. to get clicks in hopes that people click on whatever ads they have on their own sites.

Spam Referral Sites are Parasitic and Jamming the Web

These spam referral sites link to legitimate business sites and drag down processing speed as well as throw a huge wrench into search engine algorithms and analytics. With the ever-expanding availability of FREE Website Building programs, anybody can create an empty-shell site with Google Ads in 10 minutes. Search engines cannot weed these bogus sites out fast enough, neglecting properly indexing of legitimate sites.

Not sure what the answer is for this. There will always be people that seek get-rich-quick schemes at the expense of hard working people. A thorough pre-registration process for websites would be great, but would hurt those that truly need to get their message out quickly (i.e., catastrophic events, etc.).

Look for our NEW Responsive Version to be released in the coming weeks! Thank you for supporting Scrub-n-Shine.com!

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