At Scrub n Shine LLC, we work hard to bring you the best values in the industry! Even if it’s against the humungous national chain stores. Some common sense restrictions apply (i.e., item is discontinued and no longer available, etc.)

Our Scrubber is Virtually Identical to Global Industrial’s

This scrubber is believed to have been manufactured by Viper North America, which private labels equipment for others upon request. The only likely difference will be the label(s) on the machine. HERE ARE THE SPECS ON OUR MACHINE (at

18″ Corded Electric Pad-Assist Automatic Scrubber, 18″ cleaning path, single 18″ pad, 66 lbs. pad pressure, 8 gal. solution, 11 gal. recovery, 1 hp brush motor, 2-stage vacuum with 65″ water lift, rotationally molded polyethylene tanks, cast aluminum squeegee assembly, adjustable handle height, 28″ squeegee, coverage rate 18,000 sq. ft/hr, 82 ft. yellow cord (14/3 gauge), 13.5 amps, 70 dB(A). Machine measures 43.3″ L x 21.5″ W x 38.2″ H. Weighs 144 lbs. (shipping weight 210 lbs.). 5 year warranty on motors

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Scrub n Shine will Match Global Industrial ad on 18 inch corded scrubber

Scrub n Shine Matches Global Industrial ad price on 18 inch corded scrubber

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