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Restaurant VCT Floor Scrub and High Gloss Clear Coatings Job in Minneapolis

Unveiling Brilliance: Minneapolis Restaurant’s VCT Floor Rebirth

An inspiring journey of rejuvenation takes center stage as Scrub n Shine tackles the restoration of a Minneapolis restaurant’s VCT floor. With deeply embedded soils and a worn-out appearance, the floor awaited a transformation that promised to breathe new life into its tired aesthetic.

Concealed Beauty Beneath

The restaurant’s VCT floor, bearing the scars of heavy foot traffic and stubborn soils, concealed its once vibrant surface. The mission was crystal clear – a thorough deep scrubbing to eliminate embedded soils and unveil the hidden beauty beneath.

Meticulous Restoration Process

Our seasoned experts embarked on a meticulous journey, employing advanced techniques to conduct a deep scrub of the VCT floor. Going beyond surface cleaning, this process reached into the pores of the tiles, eliminating deeply embedded dirt. Once cleansed, the stage was set for a transformative metamorphosis.

Protective Brilliance

The next crucial step involved the application of several coats of a commercial-grade, high-quality clear acrylic. This not only enhanced the floor’s visual appeal but also bestowed a protective layer, ensuring resilience against future wear and tear.

Cost-Effective Brilliance

Before entertaining the costly notion of replacing the worn-out VCT floor, the restaurant wisely sought the expertise of Scrub n Shine. The results speak volumes – a VCT floor adorned with a high gloss clear coating, radiating brilliance and charm throughout the restaurant.

Your Trusted Commercial Floor Solution

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