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Restored Shine to Vinyl Floor in a Church in Minneapolis, MN

Ancient VCT Floor with Some Serious Issues in Minneapolis Church. Previous Contractor Allowed Floor Stripping Solution to “Lock-Up” Several Times. In addition to finding shoddy workmanship by previous workers, we also found moisture issues. After discussi…

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VCT Vinyl Floor Restoration Services Twin Cities

Deep Clean Vinyl Floor Service Yields Shiny Vinyl Floor in Chanhassen, MN

Well Known National Franchise Did a Very Poor Job on This VCT Floor Last Time it was Done. They put low-grade floor finish on top of debris left on the floor. We were able to get the customer’s floor looking great again!

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Parking Garage Floor Pressure Washed and Scrubbed MN

Parking Garage Concrete Floor Power Scrub Jobs in Twin Cities

Why Scrub Instead of Sweep Parking Garages? Our Wet Cleaning Process Will Not Damage Sensitive Electronic Equipment (Like Dry Sweeping Does). SALT residue is what destroys concrete and the only way to remove salt residue, is to pressure wash and scrub it…

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ATP Meter

Properly Cleaning Soft Surfaces Helps Prevent the Spread of Disease

Property Cleaning Soft Surfaces Helps Prevent the Spread of Disease. Cleaning hard surfaces, especially non-porous hard surfaces, has been relatively easy for many years. Soft surfaces, such as chairs, couches, pillows, beds, curtains, rugs and carpet con…

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Internet of Things IOT

Internet of Things (IoT) and Where the Distributor Fits In

Internet of Things (IoT) and Where the Distributor Fits In. Internet Purchasers Should Consider Value of Local Distributors. We see a time when distributors will become more of a fee-for-service business, rather than be product fulfillment services.

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Parking Garage Floor Pressure Washing and Scrubbing Services MN

Multi-Housing Parking Garage Pressure Washed and Mechanically Scrubbed in St Paul MN

This parking garage is located beneath an apartment community in St. Paul, MN. Apartment Management Companies Appreciate Our Attention to Detail We pressure wash parking garage floors with high-pressure equipment that blasts water approximately an inch fr…

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Restored Old VCT Floor Tile in Maplewood MN

VCT Floor Scrub and Re-Coat Services in Maplewood Minnesota

Small Community Room in an apartment property located in Maplewood, MN. Large or small, we do them all. Contact us to discuss your commercial floor care needs. We can help! 10 Helpful Resources About Commercial Floor Care What is Floor Re-Coating? What is…

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1-Part Urethane Acrylic Clear Finish for Wood Gym Floors MN

Wood Gym Floor Finish Service at a Church in Minneapolis, MN

This wood gym floor is located inside a church, near Lake Nokomis in Minneapolis. Our Single Component Clear Urethane Floor Finish / Acrylic Floor Finish Allows Gym Floor Usage Within 24-48 Hours! We Use Low-Odor Wood Floor Finishing Products No need to s…

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VCT Scrub and Re-Coat Services MN

VCT Floor Tile Scrub and Recoat Service in Hanover, MN

Love working with churches! They appreciate our attention to detail and quality of our floor finishing products. It’s All About Floor Finish “Build” A high gloss finish can only be obtained through properly maintaining floors with quality floor finishing…

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Filthy Trash Chute

5-Stories Trash Chute Cleaning Service in St Paul

5-Stories Trash Chute Cleaning Service in St Paul. We clean trash chutes anywhere in the Twin Cities. This job happened to be in downtown St. Paul. We Include an Active Enzyme Treatment with Every Trash Chute Cleaning Job.

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Jumbo Bath Tissue Roll

Are Your Jumbo Bath Tissue Rolls Still 1000 Feet Long?

Are Your Jumbo Bath Tissue Rolls Still 1000 Feet Long? We Still Sell Jumbo Bath Tissue Rolls That are 3.3″ Wide and 1000 Feet Long.

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