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Commercial Cleaning Equipment Leasing for Government Entities

At Scrub n Shine, Our* Commercial Cleaning Equipment Lease Provides a “Non-Appropriations” Clause as Part of our Lease Documentation Typically, municipalities are unable to sign contracts with no means of cancellation.  This important clause allows the en…

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Benefits of Leasing Commercial Cleaning Equipment with Scrub n Shine LLC

Scrub n Shine Leases Commercial Cleaning Equipment! Lease to Own with as Little as $1 Buyout on the Back End. Our Lease to Own Program is Easy and Covers 100% of the Equipment Cost. Consult your tax adviser to determine the impact on your business.

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Modern rider scrubber

Scrub n Shine Sells Commercial Cleaning Equipment

Scrub n Shine Sells Commercial Cleaning Equipment. We sell a full line of commercial cleaning equipment as well as parts on most models. We also sell industrial cleaning chemicals and facility maintenance supplies. Our equipment is delivered fully assembl…

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Privatization of Custodial Services in Public Schools Could Cut Costs Dramatically

School Districts Face Continuing Pressure to Cut Costs Custodial and Maintenance Work Has Come Under Increasing Scrutiny According the NEA, some cost-cutting has been accomplished through minor improvements in efficiency, but there have been many short-si…

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Minnesota Corporate Compliance document

Minnesota Corporate Compliance Company in St Paul, MN

Official Looking Letter NOT ENDORSED BY ANY GOVERNMENT AGENCY Don’t fall for this apparently worthless service.  The letter and envelope will list Minnesota Corporate Compliance as the servicing agent. Minnesota Corporate Compliance Company in St Paul, MN…

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GHS Pictogram

OSHA Modifies Hazard Communication Standard to GHS

In March 2012, OSHA issued a final rule that substantially modified the Hazard Communication Standard (HCS) to conform to the United Nations’ Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS). The final rule requires that all em…

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GHS Pictogram

New Globally Harmonized System (GHS) Safety Data Sheets

A Comparison of New GHS Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and Existing Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) Versions The Following Table Provides Comparison of MSDS Elements for the Following Systems: Globally Harmonized System1 ISO Safety Data Sheet for Chemical Pr…

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Clean Parking Garage

3 Reasons to Regularly Clean Your Parking Garage Floors

A cluttered or dirty parking ramp or garage detracts from all of the other services that you provide for your patrons. Protect your investment and reinforce a positive image with regular garage or parking ramp pressure wash and power scrub from Scrub-n-Sh…

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Correcting Another Contractor's Sloppy Workmanship

Scrub and Recoat Instead of Strip and Wax

What is Meant By “Scrub and Recoat”? Scrubbing floor finish is just what the term implies; it is a mildly aggressive process of mechanically scrubbing the existing floor finish.  The chemicals are not harsh or hazardous to work with.  This procedure remov…

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Building Service Contractor Icon

Commercial Floor Refinishing, DIY or Hire it Out?

Commercial Floor Refinishing is Challenging, Costly and VERY Labor Intensive Not to mention, if you use the wrong floor cleaning products, wrong floor finishing products, wrong equipment, wrong cleaning procedures and/or application techniques, you may do…

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