Scrub n Shine has always been at the forefront of custom odor control deodorization systems for schools, colleges, dorm rooms, religious institutions, apartments, senior care centers, nursing homes, child care centers, gyms, fitness centers, activity centers, locker rooms, ice arenas, medical facilities, pet care facilities, hotels, motels, bars, restaurants and more!

Features of Scrub n Shine’s New Passive Odor Control Deodorization Products

NEW Sub-Micron Odor Control Deodorization Technology!

This new passive odor control deodorization technology diffuses its patented malodor counteractant at levels smaller than a micron! This allows much more effective odor control.

24/7 Long Lasting Odor Control Deodorization

Constantly and consistently counteracts ambient malodors. Most of our products last 60+ days.

Twin Cities and St. Cloud area businesses that use our custom deodorization services need not worry about when to refill or replace products!

Economical and Effective Odor Control Deodorization

Most of our common area odor control deodorization products effectively counteract malodors in spaces up to 6,000 cubic feet! That’s 3-5x more volume than “plug-ins” found in most stores! Usage costs are approximately $5 per month per unit.

Green, Healthy and Safe Odor Control Deodorization

Our passive odor control systems do not use batteries, electricity, propellants or harmful VOCs. Our non-allergenic passive odor control products will not trigger asthma or respiratory reactions. So, it’s safe to use anywhere!

Our dispensers and refill cartridges are recyclable.

Twin Cities and St. Cloud Turn-Key Odor Control Deodorization Programs Available

Our products can help no matter where you are, but Twin Cities and St. Cloud businesses get V.I.P. treatment! AT NO EXTRA CHARGE (FOR LABOR) just purchase our refills and we’ll do all of the work for you. We install the dispensers, then every 2-3 months we’ll replace the refills within those dispensers. With a qualifying contract, we’ll even provide dispensers AT NO CHARGE on INITIAL INSTALLATION! Some restrictions apply.

Contact us to discuss your situation. We can help!

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