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NEW Deodorization (Odor Control) Products Available at Scrub-n-Shine.com

Unveiling Innovative Deodorization Solutions at Scrub-n-Shine.com

Scrub n Shine proudly introduces a range of cutting-edge deodorization products, setting new standards in odor control. With a history of providing custom odor control deodorization systems for various settings, Scrub n Shine continues its commitment to offering top-notch solutions for schools, religious institutions, apartments, senior care centers, child care centers, medical facilities, pet care facilities, hotels, motels, bars, restaurants, and beyond.

Features of Our Latest Passive Odor Control Deodorization Products

Sub-Micron Technology

Our new passive odor control deodorization technology employs patented malodor counteractant diffused at levels smaller than a micron. This advancement ensures highly effective odor control.

24/7 Long-Lasting Odor Control

The products consistently counteract ambient malodors, providing continuous relief for 60+ days. Businesses in the Twin Cities and St. Cloud area can enjoy hassle-free use without frequent refills or replacements.

Economical and Effective

Designed for common areas, our odor control products effectively counteract malodors in spaces up to 6,000 cubic feet. With usage costs around $5 per month per unit, it offers cost-effective and efficient odor control.

Green, Healthy, and Safe

Our passive odor control systems are environmentally friendly, avoiding batteries, electricity, propellants, or harmful VOCs. Non-allergenic and safe for respiratory health, our products are suitable for use in any space. The dispensers and refill cartridges are recyclable, aligning with our commitment to sustainability.

Twin Cities and St. Cloud Turn-Key Odor Control Deodorization Programs

Businesses in the Twin Cities and St. Cloud areas enjoy exclusive benefits with our turn-key odor control deodorization programs. By purchasing our refills, businesses receive VIP treatment with complimentary labor services. Scrub n Shine handles dispenser installations and timely refill replacements every 2-3 months. Initial installations may even include free dispensers with qualifying contracts, showcasing our dedication to customer satisfaction.

Explore Innovative Deodorization Solutions

Whether you are dealing with malodors in educational institutions, healthcare facilities, or commercial establishments, Scrub n Shine has tailored solutions for you. Contact us to discuss your situation, and let our innovative deodorization products elevate your space with freshness and cleanliness.

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