There are More Than 47,000 Lodging Establishments in the U.S.

These lodging establishments range from moderately priced drive-up motels to luxurious resorts and casino hotels.

Guests Demand a Clean, Fresh Room With No Evidence of the Previous Occupant

In fact, most travelers demand their room be cleaner than their own homes!

Biggest Housekeeping Challenge is Hair

Ask anyone in the housekeeping department of the lodging industry and they’ll tell you that the biggest cleaning challenges they face (and complaints that they receive), are:
Hair in the bathroom
Hair in the linens
Mold or mildew in the bathtub
Debris in the room

Guest Rooms Must Smell “Clean”

Our sensitive sense of smell can immediately detect stale or musty odors.  Daily vacuuming is vital as well as possibly spraying curtains, bedspreads and carpets with a lightly scented disinfectant deodorizer.

Maintaining Carpets Also Present Special Challenges

Spills, shoe polish and other spots, must be treated as soon as possible to avoid permanent staining.  We think that using a good carpet spotting kit, designed to remove oil and water-based stains is a must.

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