You can hang chandeliers or play classical music, but if your floors look bad; The rest of your efforts are meaningless. Your floors are the foundation of building maintenance. At Scrub n Shine, LLC – We approach commercial floor maintenance the way it should be done; With a proactive approach in all of our commercial cleaning services.

We’ve completed several commercial floor finishing services in Minnesota over the years. You can view an assortment of some of these commercial floor refinishing services in the Commercial Hard Floor Care Service section of our website.

While we are floor finishing professionals in Minneapolis, we’re also floor refinishing contractors in Minnesota state.

This Hard Floor Care section of our blog is dedicated to articles revolving around our commercial hard floor care services in MN.


Restored Shine to Vinyl Floor in a Church in Minneapolis, MN

Ancient VCT Floor with Some Serious Issues in Minneapolis Church. Previous Contractor Allowed Floor Stripping Solution to “Lock-Up” Several Times. In addition to finding shoddy workmanship by previous workers, we also found moisture issues. After discussi…

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VCT Vinyl Floor Restoration Services Twin Cities

Deep Clean Vinyl Floor Service Yields Shiny Vinyl Floor in Chanhassen, MN

Well Known National Franchise Did a Very Poor Job on This VCT Floor Last Time it was Done. They put low-grade floor finish on top of debris left on the floor. We were able to get the customer’s floor looking great again!

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Restored Old VCT Floor Tile in Maplewood MN

VCT Floor Scrub and Re-Coat Services in Maplewood Minnesota

Small Community Room in an apartment property located in Maplewood, MN. Large or small, we do them all. Contact us to discuss your commercial floor care needs. We can help! 10 Helpful Resources About Commercial Floor Care What is Floor Re-Coating? What is…

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VCT Scrub and Re-Coat Services MN

VCT Floor Tile Scrub and Recoat Service in Hanover, MN

Love working with churches! They appreciate our attention to detail and quality of our floor finishing products. It’s All About Floor Finish “Build” A high gloss finish can only be obtained through properly maintaining floors with quality floor finishing…

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Scrub n Shine mascot

New VCT Floor Tile Sealing and Clear Coating Services Twin Cities

New VCT Floor Sealing and Clear Coating Services Twin Cities. All commercial hard floor surfaces should be professionally sealed and finished to enhance its beauty and extend the life of the floor product – even NEW FLOORS.

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Commercial Floor Maintenance Services Minneapolis

Commercial Floor Finish and High Speed Polishing Services in Wayzata, MN

This floor was stained and initially ground to a very smooth surface by another contractor. We were brought in to use a floor sealer, apply a floor clear coat with a high solids floor finish, and use a floor buffer to produce a high gloss finish. Contact…

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Old VCT Floor Tile Stripped Sealed Finished in Lowry Hill Area of Minneapolis

Restore Shine to Vinyl Floor of Old VCT Floor Tile in Minneapolis Church

Restoration of Old VCT Floor in Minneapolis Church. This may be the first VCT floor ever installed! It was in a church basement on Lake of the Isles. We stripped at least 10 coats of finish, possibly upwards of 20 coats! Before replacing your old VCT floo…

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New VCT Tile Floor Sealed and Clear Coat Finished in Edina MN

Very Small (But Cute) VCT Floor Tile Job in Edina, MN

Very Small (But Cute) VCT Floor Job in Edina, MN. VCT (Vinyl Composite Tile) manufacturers will say that their new VCT floor tiles are already sealed, it really isn’t. New VCT tile floors should be deep scrubbed and truly sealed with a high-quality, comme…

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Polished Concrete Floor Maintenance in Wayzata MN

Polished Concrete Floor Gets Much Needed Scrub and Recoat in Wayzata, MN

Polished Concrete Floor Gets Much Needed Scrub and ReCoat in Wayzata. The customer was told that polished concrete will never need a sealer or coatings – ever. Well, after years of wear, it needed a little help.

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