You can hang chandeliers or play classical music, but if your floors look bad; The rest of your efforts are meaningless. Your floors are the foundation of building maintenance. At Scrub n Shine, LLC – We approach commercial floor maintenance the way it should be done; With a proactive approach in all of our commercial cleaning services.

We’ve completed several commercial floor finishing services in Minnesota over the years. You can view an assortment of some of these commercial floor refinishing services in the Commercial Hard Floor Care Service section of our website.

While we are floor finishing professionals in Minneapolis, we’re also floor refinishing contractors in Minnesota state.

This Hard Floor Care section of our blog is dedicated to articles revolving around our commercial hard floor care services in MN.

VCT Floor Scrub and Re-Coat Job in Daycare Facility

VCT Floors Clear Coating Job in Rural Hennepin County

This customer is one of our favorites. It’s a small town church with a daycare. Their people are outstanding to work with! These VCT Floors Were Deep Scrubbed then Coated with a Durable Clear Acrylic Floor Finish We Coordinated Invoicing Between the Churc…

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Vinyl Floor Scrub and ReCoat in Chanhassen MN

Vinyl Composite Flooring Scrub and Recoat Service in Chanhassen MN

Vinyl Floor Scrub and ReCoat Service in Chanhassen MN. General Contracted Cleaners have our assurance that we will not compete with them. We appreciate the work that frequently comes from cleaning companies that do not have the experience┬ánor expertise to…

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Service to Restore Shine to Vinyl Floor in Crystal MN

We’ve been called annually for the past three years to work on this old VCT floor tile. Despite no interim vinyl flooring maintenance program, this VCT flooring is starting to look good. Restore Shine to Vinyl Floor and Save Thousands of Dollars!   T…

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Old VCT Floor Scrub and Clear Coat Finish in St Michael MN Bar

Shiny Vinyl Flooring Restoration Job in St Michael MN

Old VCT Floor Restoration Job in St Michael MN. This iconic bar wasn’t happy with the results of┬átheir existing floor maintenance program and they called us in to help. Old Dirty VCT Floors Can Usually Be Restored to Look Great Again.

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Old VCT Floor Clean Seal Finish in St Paul MN

Deep Clean Vinyl Floor and Clear Coat Job in St Paul, MN

This job was at an occupational rehab facility in St. Paul. Rust Stains were Completely Embedded (to the Bottom of the VCT Floor Tile) Contact Scrub n Shine, Before Replacing Your VCT Commercial Flooring Helpful VCT Flooring Resources What is Considered a…

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Old VCT Tile Floor Restoration Service Twin Cities

Brutally Neglected Old VCT Floor Restored in Minneapolis

Decades of Neglect Left Soils So Deeply Embedded, You Can Still See Shadows Contact us to discuss your commercial floor maintenance situation. We can help! Helpful VCT Flooring Resources What is Considered a Stain (Versus Just Being Dirty)? EMBEDDED SOILS…

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Minneapolis VCT Floor Scrub and High Gloss Clear Coating

Restaurant VCT Floor Scrub and High Gloss Clear Coatings Job in Minneapolis

Restaurant VCT Floor Scrub and High Gloss Clear Coatings Job in Minneapolis. This Restaurant VCT Floor had Badly Embedded Soils. We Deep Scrubbed the VCT Floor then Applied a Several Coats of a Commercial-Grade High-Quality Clear Acrylic. Before Replacing…

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Scrub and Clear Coat on VCT Floor in Mounds View MN

Scrub and Recoat VCT Commercial Flooring Service in Mounds View, MN

This VCT Floor Tile is at Least 25 Years Old Our VCT Floor Finish Can Handle Heavy-Duty Winter Foot Traffic Contact us to discuss your commercial vinyl flooring maintenance needs. We can help deep clean vinyl flooring and restore shine to vinyl floors! 10…

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VCT Scrub and Re-Coat Service in St Paul

VCT Flooring Scrub and Recoating Services in St Paul, MN

Deep Gloss on ANY Commercial Flooring is All About “The Build”. We rarely strip floor finish. We prefer to deep scrub and build up the floor’s finish with multiple thin coats. It’s critical to keep the floor clean between re-coats to prevent soils from be…

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