1. Don’t allow static electricity to build up. Avoid pacing around.
  2. Don’t drag your feet. This causes excess friction. (see #1)
  3. Avoid certain clothing materials. Fleece, for example, is a static electricity trap!
  4. If practical, open a window a crack. The added air will help increase the room’s humidity and decrease static.
  5. Consider operating a humidifier in the room. Humidity counters static electricity.
  6. Carry an anti-static dryer sheet with you. Touch the dryer sheet prior to opening a file cabinet or door knob.
  7. Periodically, spray carpets high traffic lanes with a light mixture of fabric softener and water. Avoid mixing too strong or over-spraying, as it may create a residue that will attract dirt mort quickly to the carpet.
  8. Try different footwear. Synthetic materials generate more static electricity than natural materials.
  9. Hair. Long, dry, flowing locks will attract static electricity.
  10. Keep a metal teaspoon or other metal object nearby. Before touching an item that is prone to shock, handle the spoon or small metal object that you keep near you.
In summary, if you’re pacing around while dragging your feet in synthetic shoes while wearing your fleece outfit and flinging your long hair, you better have sprayed the carpets with a light mix of fabric softener/water, have a dryer sheet in one pocket and metal spoon in the other.
Or, you could install hard flooring from your local shop then contact Scrub n Shine to seal and protect that new floor!
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